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Travelography Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 26, 2009

Are you a frequent traveler? Then Travelography is one great popdcast for you! This show provides travel and tourism news that will surely keep you well-informed.

The show does not only provide travel related advices in the United States but also travel advisories from around the world. Learn tips, advices and practical discussions to help you have a better travel experience.

The latest episode of Travelography is about construction of mega-resorts, Mexico tourism boycott, and nude hikers in Swiss farms.

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Amateur Traveler

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 24, 2007

If you love travel and going places, this is one great podcast that you should tune in. The Amateur Traveler is a weekly podcast will take you to different parts of the world and let you explore a nation right next on your MP3 player or computer. The podcast features different States in US and Canada as well as different countries in Europe and Asia that are worth visiting.

Amateur Traveler likewise features travel news, advisories and numerous tips that every traveler should know. You will discover the must places to visit in each city, state or country featured in every Amateur Traveler episode.  Travel and experience sound-seeing with the Episode 87 as Amateur Traveler chat to Tim of Twisted Wrist podcast about the places and activities that a tourist/traveler can do in Kingston, Ontario.

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On The Menu Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 23, 2007

On the Menu is a podcast about good living: food, dining and travel. It is a weekly one hour radio program that is hosted by Ann & Peter Haigh, a married couple who passionately share their interest in the world of food, travel and lifestyle.

The On the Menu podcast features a variety of trends in food, cookware and fine dining; you will be delighted on their recommendations on where to go for special occasions. The show also features great places to visit and interviews of popular chefs, hoteliers, food critics and culinary luminaries. You can subscribe in this podcast through this link.

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Living in Las Vegas Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on December 14, 2006

Visiting or moving to Vegas? I bet you will like Living in Las Vegas Podcast. This is the show that will give you a first person view on how it is to live in the so-called Sin City. This podcast is hosted by Scott who will entertain you as he gives you a virtual tour to the in and out of Las Vegas.

Aside from this, Scott features news, events, lifestyle and journey of people in Vegas. He likewise spills the wonders and reality of staying in Las Vegas that makes this podcast pretty interesting even to people who are just curious about living in this city.  And sine Christmas is coming and Scott is also devoted to entertain his listeners, he featured a little musical holiday cheer from now until Christmas day.

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Fly With Me Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on December 14, 2006

You guess it right! Fly with Me is a podcast that deals with air travel and interviews and stories collected from pilots and flight attendants. Through this show, we can have a good view on what is behind the life of individuals who are working in airlines.

The show is hosted by Joe, a real life pilot who modelled his own podcast from This American Life. Fly with Me also features airline events and other current topics as interpreted by the man who frequently flies and literally see the nations and states from up above. Latest episode is done published few months ago but still worth listening as it talked about Reno Air races and featured a conversation with a jet pilot.

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Ken and Karen McByrd-Bell Travel Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 24, 2006

The Ken and Karen McByrd-Bell is a podcast show about interstate travel. The couple will take you to the different places, exotic locations and different people across US.

Ken and Karen bring you not only the wonderful sceneries but also the warm friendship from the people they met along their journey. It is like going places and meeting new friends. Hear their inspiring stories about nature, animals and people and learn from their fun adventures that makes each place a special journey that you would like to see and experience.

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Catholic Insider Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 10, 2006

Gone were the days where the priests are only contained in the church and missionary services because for the past decades, the Catholic Church has also revolutionize and embrace the media development in spreading the Word and interacting to the community.

But don’t get me wrong, Catholic Insider Podcast is not a typical religious show that others may think boring and full of sermon because it is not. You got to believe me when I say that this is one fantastic podcast because its audience are not just Catholic around the world. The podcast has a pretty cool number of non-Catholic listeners because the show goes beyond traditional religious stuff. Yes, Catholic Insider is inspired and live on the Catholic faith but believe me it is definitely more interesting than that.

Why? Because the host, Fr. Roderick will take you to numerous sound-seeing music and sights from wonderful cities and countries around the world. Listen to documentaries, reviews about Catholic culture through his fun journey and commentaries. You will be entertained and experience fun in a educational, inspiring and healthy way. This is recommended for everyone and a great way to explore and be informed about humanity.

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808 Talk Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 9, 2006

Aloha! 808 Talk will take you to the island of friendship and flowers. Splurge to the warm and friendly discussion of everything about Hawaii. It was named 808 Talk because it was the Hawaii’s area code. This talk podcast is offered in both audio and video podcast and can be subscribed in almost all podcast directories!

They can be also downloaded not only to your MP3 player but also to your mobile phone as well. That is how accessible their podcasts are; a perfect reflection of their eagerness to spread the spirit of Hawaiian culture.

The 808 Talk belongs to travel genre since it tackles the beauty of Hawaii and includes helpful tips about Hawaii travel. But it is actually more than traveling because in 808 Talk discusses more than that making them the Hawaii’s favorite podcast.

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The Cool Podcast About Las Vegas

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 19, 2006

Five Hundy by Midnight is the original and one of the coolest podcast that talks everything about Las Vegas. This shows is one of the podcast shows that celebrated its first anniversary, it means that Five Hundy by Midnight is really something. It is frequently categorized under travel podcasts but the show itself features more than traveling.

The weekly show of Five Hundy by Midnight provides many valuable and cool information about Las Vegas travel. And aside from this, the hosts have funny and entertaining outlook that adds to the popularity of the show. The show can sometime contain explicit language and few sexual hints but nonetheless, the show really makes sense. Visit and be hooked on this podcast at Five Hundy by Midnight website.

More about Five Hundy by Midnight can be read here. Related commentaries can be also read at JimDrisscol.

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Dallas Airport Podcasts

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 13, 2006

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport soars with podcasting as they recently released series of audio and video podcasts that feature the latest information about the airport’s amenities such as parking, dining and hotel accommodation.

I call this move by Dallas Airport as an innovative and cost-effective advertisement to showcase their current infrastructure improvements, rails system and art exhibits not only to the Dallas passengers but also to the entire world.

assengers of Dallas Airport can conveniently listen to these audio or video shows through their own media players, These podcasts are usually updated every month and can be downloaed for free at iTunes or directly to the DFW website. The podcasts are also offered in both English and Spanish languages.

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