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Fly With Me Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on December 14, 2006

You guess it right! Fly with Me is a podcast that deals with air travel and interviews and stories collected from pilots and flight attendants. Through this show, we can have a good view on what is behind the life of individuals who are working in airlines.

The show is hosted by Joe, a real life pilot who modelled his own podcast from This American Life. Fly with Me also features airline events and other current topics as interpreted by the man who frequently flies and literally see the nations and states from up above. Latest episode is done published few months ago but still worth listening as it talked about Reno Air races and featured a conversation with a jet pilot.

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Dallas Airport Podcasts

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 13, 2006

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport soars with podcasting as they recently released series of audio and video podcasts that feature the latest information about the airport’s amenities such as parking, dining and hotel accommodation.

I call this move by Dallas Airport as an innovative and cost-effective advertisement to showcase their current infrastructure improvements, rails system and art exhibits not only to the Dallas passengers but also to the entire world.

assengers of Dallas Airport can conveniently listen to these audio or video shows through their own media players, These podcasts are usually updated every month and can be downloaed for free at iTunes or directly to the DFW website. The podcasts are also offered in both English and Spanish languages.

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