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Let Us Attend Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 19, 2009

Let Us Attend is a podcast that features Sunday Gospels. Unlike other podcasts that features popular culture, sports, movies and games; Let Us Attend dwells about Christianity and ancient faith. This is truly a podcast show that is created for Christian families.

The gospels featured in this show are paraphrased for younger children and read for older children.  Engaging questions followed after reading the gospel. This is one show that will prepare your heart, and the hearts of your children.

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Buddhist Geeks Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on August 21, 2008

Buddhist Geeks: Seriously Buddhist, Seriously Geeky is a podcast that focuses in intellectual discussion of Buddhism, the development of Western Buddhism and interesting perspectives about this practice. The show is hosted by Vince Horn and Ryan Oelke.

Each episode of Buddhist Geeks features Buddhist teachers, scholars, or advanced practitioners that discuss interesting topic or ideals in Buddhism such as spiritual journey, yoga, rebirth, Zen, meditation, awakening and many other things that matters in Buddhism.

So join Vince Horn and Ryan Oelke together with Dr. Alan Wallace on their 84th Episode as they compared, differentiated and talked about Dream Yoga and Lucid Dreaming.

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Jesus Geek Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 4, 2008

Jesus Geek podcast is a wholesome and informative show for Christians. It discusses not only about Christian living and spiritual know-how but also lots of stuffs about technology and innovations especially about computer and internet. This podcast also features videos that complements some of its podcast episodes.

If you want a decent show where you can learn about life and computer technology, give Jesus Geek podcast a try! This is one informative show that you could listen while at work or while at home with your family. The latest episode of Jesus Geek podcast discussed something about the Jing,  a relatively new online program that captures and shares images and videos.

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Missionary Talks Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on August 20, 2007

Missionary Talks is a podcast sharing the lives and work of Baptist missionaries. The podcast aims to give information to those people who are considering missions and inspire those missionaries as they discover about other fields of service and learn how God is working around the world.

Every episode, Missionary Talks features a missionary who discussed about works, purpose and nature of their mission. So if you want to find out about different missionaries all over the world and to hear some inspiring stories, check out this podcast.

The latest episode of Missionary Talks featured Michael Hart a missionary in Veracruz, Mexico who told a great story of a woman that he was able to lead to the Lord and disciple. Learn how God used Michael and the woman to lead few other people to Him.

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Journey For The Heart Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 30, 2007

Journey for the Heart  is an extraordinary weekly podcast that discuss the reality of life, our existence and what we can do when we are faced in a situation that seems to be unfair. This podcast is not meant to entertain you but to touch your heart and open your mind to find hope in dark times.

Journey for the Heart is a real life sharing of a mother’s thirteen year journey with her son through the multiple challenges of congenital heart disease that led to a heart transplant and eventual death. She does not give up although what happened seems to be unfair; but instead, she finds her way to discover the endless provisions of her limitless God.

This is an inspiring and heartwarming podcast that could make you appreciate your family more than ever. A podcast that will lift your soul and strengthen your faith . Listen to the Episode 6 of Journey for the Heart and be enlightened as Elizabeth share her thoughts about the impossible situation for us to face right now.

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The Rosary Army Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 30, 2007

The Rosary Army Podcast is a 2 to 3 times a week show that provides useful information about the Catholic Faith and Rosary praying. The show also features the Rosary Army “soldiers” who go out of their way to encourage Rosary praying and educate people especially the Catholics about the importance of praying the Rosary.

The Rosary Army Podcast features the personal experiences and inspiring stories of these “soldiers” in creating, praying, and giving away hand-made Rosaries. This is a good podcast for Catholic people who need to be uplifted and enlightened to the faith of their church. You can hear all the latest episodes of the Rosary Army Podcast by visiting their Podcast Archive.

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Infinite Smile Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 29, 2006

If you want to break free from the usual rush of daily living. Seek serenity by listening to Infinite Smile podcast. This podcast are composed of Zen inspired teachings of Michael McAlister that incorporate a important philosophy and spirituality with modern living.

The podcast episodes offer inspirations to support awakening and realization by opening our mind and heart through meditative practices. It is the aim of Infinite Smile to open ourselves to spiritual teachings that integrate stillness, wisdom, and compassion into our day-to-day lives. Take a listen to the latest IS episode that deals about the 5 major hindrances of awakening.

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Adventures In Odyssey Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 3, 2006

Adventures in Odyssey is a podcast story for children that teaches moral and biblical principles. This is an ideal podcast content for the entire family as each story is based on certain theme like friendship, trust, and honesty.

The Adventures in Odyssey is created by a team of award winning professionals who want to help creating a better world by producing educational and wholesome media that will inspire the young generation. The voice talents of the audio story has been featured in popular movies like The Land Before Time, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Treasure Planet and Toy Story. This podcast can be also subscribed and downloaded through Yahoo Podcast.

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God’s iPod

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 16, 2006

Podcasting is not just for technology related stuffs, for recreational purposes or for having some good laugh. It is also a good medium to spread faith, religion and the Word of God. This is an excellent way for believers to reach and teach more people.

God’s iPod is a religious podcast that deals about Christianity. It aims to gather and spread all the good Christian teachings that reflect the true purpose of evangelism and worship. This religious podcast feature audio Bible, uplifting music worship and good sermons that will uplift and strengthen the faith of its listeners.

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Cheap Date Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 12, 2006

If you like dating, eating and dining out like me, you will definitely hook in the Cheap Date podcast. Cheap Date is a show about restaurant reviews, good places for dates and great food in Chicago.

Hosted by Lisa and Joe who go around in Chicago to try and see the best place to dine there. Together, they will take us to the goodness and enjoyment of going out, exploring and scrutinizing various restaurants. Hear their yummy and tempting comments on the best food around Chicago.

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