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The Dave Ramsey Show

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 24, 2009

One of the most popular podcast nowadays is the Dave Ramsey Show hosted by Mr. David Ramsey himself who is a well-known TV personality, author, and financial expert. The show is mainly about financial matter and how it is connected with life, love and relationship.

The Dave Ramsey Show is a 5x a week, 40-minutes podcast that provides down-to-earth advice about your money and being smart financially. This is one great podcast for people who want to become financial savvy because you can learn a lot from the Dave Ramsey Show.

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Xsquad DJ Radio

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 5, 2009

Xsquad DJ Radio seems to be weird when I first heard it but when I checked it out; I instantly love this podcast because of its good music selection! This is one radio podcast that you will love listening wherever you are.  This podcast features some of the hottest records in the music world.

You will surely hear the latest, hottest and most requested music in town every time you tune in to this radio podcast. To check out their latest episode, please click here.

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Mystery Play Internet Radio Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 8, 2008

The Mystery Play Internet Radio Podcast features good old time radio wherein listeners will definitely hear thrilling stories from dead people. This radio podcast aims to introduce old time radio to as many people as possible and MPIR is sometimes tagged as a show where you can hear from the dead. Sounds creepy isn’t it?

So if you like thrilling fiction stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat, check out the latest episode of Mystery Play Internet Radio Podcast featuring The KIRO Mystery Play House “The Procedure and The Mannequin”.

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Parents and Kids Talk Radio Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on August 30, 2008

This is another good family-oriented podcast that can be listened together by both parents and their children. You will not need to worry about adult content or swearing when listening to this live show because Parents and Kids Talk Radio Podcast is created by a lawyer who is now a full-pledged stay-at-home mom. And her tween is co-hosting this live podcast that makes it more fun and exciting to listen!

The mother and tween tandem together with their other parents and kids guests discuss a lot of interesting topics that matter to families and the children of today’s generation such as movies, gadgets, schooling, toys , internet and many others. So catch Nicole and her bubbly tween on the latest episode of where they talked about all the great things to see if you’re taking kids to Manhattan.

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The Parent’s Journal Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 3, 2008

The Parent’s Journal with Bobbi Conner is a weekly podcast about parenting; but unlike other parenting shows, the Parent’s Journal is a holistic show that is designed for mothers, fathers, caregivers and educators.

Each episode of Parent’s Journal tackles timely issues about parenting and childhood. Bobbi Conner, the host of Parent’s Journal talks and interviews parents and various child development experts to discuss the wide range of topics that matter in the development of children.

So if you want to learn and be a better parent who can cope up with the ups and downs of raising children, tune-in to Parent’s Journal as it can surely provide you everything that you need to know from the emotional, psychological to intellectual and physical aspect of childhood development.

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The Half Show With Me-saj And Jason

Posted by coolpodcasts on December 17, 2007

This podcast is hosted by Me-saj and Jason, a married couple fro New York who have a fantastic combination of wit and humor.  The Half Show with Me-saj and Jason is basically a talk podcast that features new musicians, artists and other upcoming personalities in movies and TV.

Ma-saj and Jason also talks about their relationship, some memorable happenings and featured cool music in their show. If you love variety and wide-range of topics, you will surely love listening to this couple. They are fun and quite informative to listen. Join the couple on the latest episode of the Half Show where they featured Sharon from the Soto Salon and talked about Christmas season, holiday cards and chocolate.

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In Over Your Head Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 11, 2007

In Over your Head Podcast is basically a hip hop music podcast hosted by Julien Smith. The show features pretty good selection of cool music that will surely liven up your day. But this podcast is more than just playing music because its host is actually cool too!

Julien speaks explicitly most of the time but oh well, he just tell what’s in his mind and what he’s saying really makes sense.  In Over your head podcast simply reflects the up and downs of our society and if you want an honest to goodness commentary, tune here because you will here a lot!

Check out the latest episode of In Over your Head where  he played another round of awesome music and talked about tattoos and why New York and Toronto are piece of shit cities.

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Ed’s Mixed Bag

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 27, 2007

Ed’s Mixed Bag  is radio podcast that plays a nice round of best PodSafe music.  This is a good show for people who like exploring new music as Ed features wide range of songs produced by talented indie artists.

Ed’s Mixed Bag also features interview from singers or musicians. Ed is also active giving updates on   various promo and concerts. Plus, listeners will definitely enjoy the cool commentaries of the host which he expressed during the show.

Listen and enjoy the Show 85 of Ed’s Mixed Bag where he interviewed The Mothman, Zack Daggy and play the music of UFO Phil, Howard Jones , Eli Paperboy Reed and The True Loves and many more.

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American Cliche Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 16, 2007

The American Cliché  is live podcast show that talks anything and everything about politics, technology, music, celebrity and bizarre happenings. This is the show that is packed with unusual but informative news stories that will make you suddenly burst in laugh as you hear the wacky and sarcastic insights of its host, Scott.

American Cliché may not be child-safe but this is one good show that you can listen wherever you are and whatever your mood. If you appreciate people with good sense of humor, then you will be hooked hearing the host of American Cliché.  So catch the latest episode of American Cliché as Scott talked about his new MacBook Pro, One Man’s Opinion, the Burger King customer that is charged $8648.64 for a meal  and a lot more of hard-to-believe news stories.

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The Rock And Roll Geek Show

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 30, 2007

The Rock and Roll Geek Show is of course a podcast with lots of rock and roll music and stuff! This is radio podcast that will rock your day as Michael Butler roll out his sleeves and brings you the best of rock music from independent rock artists.

Aside from the hot rock and roll music that Michael plays in his show, he also features interviews with various rock singers and bands. The show also provide latest news and updates about stuffs that relate to rock and roll, music events and some side lines on Michael’s personal gigs.

Rock on with another Rock and Roll Geek Show as Michael featured ZZ Top and talked about Billy Gibbons, one of the greatest living guitarists.

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