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The Activated Stories

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 27, 2009

The Activated Stories is a podcast that is composed of “theatrical folktales as well as travel stories from somewhere on the road”. This is a family oriented show created by a real family and intended to be shared to families anywhere in the globe.

Listening to this podcast is not only a good bonding activity with the entire family but also a great way to instill creativity and the joy of traveling with the children. Stories are usually tales from different countries like Easter Island and Japan, India, Africa and many others. The show will surely help us appreaciate and learn the culture of other countries in an entertaining way.

So if you are looking for a podcast that can be enjoyed by young and old, be sure to try The Activated Stories. Their latest episode is about “The Boo Brothers”,  a story of sibling rivalry, virtue triumphant, and unorthodox horticulture from Korea.

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Parents and Kids Talk Radio Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on August 30, 2008

This is another good family-oriented podcast that can be listened together by both parents and their children. You will not need to worry about adult content or swearing when listening to this live show because Parents and Kids Talk Radio Podcast is created by a lawyer who is now a full-pledged stay-at-home mom. And her tween is co-hosting this live podcast that makes it more fun and exciting to listen!

The mother and tween tandem together with their other parents and kids guests discuss a lot of interesting topics that matter to families and the children of today’s generation such as movies, gadgets, schooling, toys , internet and many others. So catch Nicole and her bubbly tween on the latest episode of where they talked about all the great things to see if you’re taking kids to Manhattan.

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The Parent’s Journal Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 3, 2008

The Parent’s Journal with Bobbi Conner is a weekly podcast about parenting; but unlike other parenting shows, the Parent’s Journal is a holistic show that is designed for mothers, fathers, caregivers and educators.

Each episode of Parent’s Journal tackles timely issues about parenting and childhood. Bobbi Conner, the host of Parent’s Journal talks and interviews parents and various child development experts to discuss the wide range of topics that matter in the development of children.

So if you want to learn and be a better parent who can cope up with the ups and downs of raising children, tune-in to Parent’s Journal as it can surely provide you everything that you need to know from the emotional, psychological to intellectual and physical aspect of childhood development.

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What Really Matter By Vicky And Jen

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 12, 2008

What Really Matter by Vicky and Jen is a podcast that will surely be loved by mothers, fathers, grandparents and individuals who are family oriented because this wholesome show features practical tips and helpful advices on making like easier and happier.

Vicky and Jen invite experts in each of their episode to share practical ideas that can help us become productive, organized and holistic in our day to day living. They also focus on ideas on how each person can improve emotionally, stay motivated and attain healthy life.

In fact, the latest episode of What Really Matter is so worthy to listen and should not be missed because they have Jamie Novak, bite-size living expert and author of 1,000 Best Quick and Easy Time-Saving Strategies as a guest. They talked about simple time-saving strategies and secrets that will make various house chores manageable and even fun to do.

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Are We There Yet?

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 4, 2007

Are We There Yet is a podcast hosted by Sam and Kim who hilariously and explicitly discuss their lives and experiences as parents. You will surely laugh and roll when you hear the couple’s wild and yet super funny comments about parenting, culture and lifestyle.

Are We There Yet is not the typical parenting podcast as this is more on adult entertainment show where you can hear the real and yet funny stuff in our daily lives. The show is not recommended for young people but indeed one good podcast for adults who want to have some good laugh. Topics can be anything and everything such as wacky side of pop culture, interesting parenting tips, children toys, cool news and of course sex, boobs and other adult issues.

Check out the latest episode of Are WE There Yet entitled Barbies in Action where Sam and Kim talked about the nature of being poor; how to rip people off; first day of school battle royale and Miss Stupid USA.

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Posted by coolpodcasts on July 7, 2007

PediaCast is a podcast show created by Dr. Mike, a board-certified pediatrician and Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics who is caring and generous enough to host a show for the benefits of parents who have some unanswered questions in their mind about the health of their children.

This is the show that answers and discusses the health-related questions from parents with all the important elaboration or explanation that is usually missed when the parents asked their very busy doctor.  PediaCast is one great show for parents whether they have newborn, a school kid or teenagers.

You can be sure that all the topics that are being discussed are answered appropriately and based on scientific studies.  Although the show is not intended to replace the value of regular check-up with doctors or prescribe medicines, the show will definitely help parents better understand the whys and hows of a particular health issue. The show is truly filled with valuable advices and practical information about caring for your children’s health.

So check out the latest episode of PediaCast where Dr,Mike talked about what parents should know about over-the-counter medication and roller shoes. He also gave some advices about the use of pacifiers and teaching in the digital age

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Baby Time Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 7, 2007

Baby Time is a podcast created and hosted by first time parents Dan and Kerry who are simply excited for their first-born child! Each episode is filled with development and milestone achievement of their baby which makes the podcast sort of a baby diary. But this won’t turned you off because parents especially those who are first-timers will be delighted to hear the practical tips and funny experiences of being a mommy and a daddy for the first time!

Baby Time also features some questions and answers portions from the show’s listeners and listening to this show is similar in having a chat to a fellow parents. And for parents, nothing is more exciting than hearing the true stories of fellow parents because their experiences serves as a learning opportunity and also gives them ideas on how to deal with some unexpected situations when it comes to parenting a baby.

Peek in to the life of Dan and Kerry as they talked about their baby’s most recent blood test and first step toward potty training on the latest episode of Baby Time Podcast.

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The Baby Talk Radio Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 3, 2007

The Baby Talk Radio is an audio podcast made for new moms and soon-to-be-moms. The show provides valuable insights and practical advices to make parenting to your baby more enjoyable. And because the Baby talk Radio is also dedicated for soon-to-be-moms, this podcast likewise features helpful tips about pregnancy and preparing for your coming baby.

Each episode is loaded with essential topics that matter to moms such as breastfeeding, coping with labor, pregnancy stages, baby teething and many more. Check out the Episode 27 of Baby Talk Radio which talked about pregnancy differences with twins; getting to know your dog for baby’s sake and some thoughts on breastfeeding.

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Journey For The Heart Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 30, 2007

Journey for the Heart  is an extraordinary weekly podcast that discuss the reality of life, our existence and what we can do when we are faced in a situation that seems to be unfair. This podcast is not meant to entertain you but to touch your heart and open your mind to find hope in dark times.

Journey for the Heart is a real life sharing of a mother’s thirteen year journey with her son through the multiple challenges of congenital heart disease that led to a heart transplant and eventual death. She does not give up although what happened seems to be unfair; but instead, she finds her way to discover the endless provisions of her limitless God.

This is an inspiring and heartwarming podcast that could make you appreciate your family more than ever. A podcast that will lift your soul and strengthen your faith . Listen to the Episode 6 of Journey for the Heart and be enlightened as Elizabeth share her thoughts about the impossible situation for us to face right now.

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Mighty Mommy Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 6, 2007

The Mighty Mommy’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Practical Parenting is a helpful show for parents whether you’re a newbie mom or not. This is a relatively new podcast with just few episodes but so far, I like the topics they have covered in the podcast where the host, Might Mommy provided advices and recommendations on how to take great family pictures; choosing diapers and tips on changing diapers faster; and the battle of all parents: tantrums.

What I like in the show is that Mighty Mommy, share those techniques that she herself knew will work because she actually applied them. The techniques are practical and doable! Check Mighty Mommy on her latest episode where she talked about safe and fun play dates  that you and your kids can share together.

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