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What Really Matter By Vicky And Jen

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 12, 2008

What Really Matter by Vicky and Jen is a podcast that will surely be loved by mothers, fathers, grandparents and individuals who are family oriented because this wholesome show features practical tips and helpful advices on making like easier and happier.

Vicky and Jen invite experts in each of their episode to share practical ideas that can help us become productive, organized and holistic in our day to day living. They also focus on ideas on how each person can improve emotionally, stay motivated and attain healthy life.

In fact, the latest episode of What Really Matter is so worthy to listen and should not be missed because they have Jamie Novak, bite-size living expert and author of 1,000 Best Quick and Easy Time-Saving Strategies as a guest. They talked about simple time-saving strategies and secrets that will make various house chores manageable and even fun to do.

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Feed the Pig Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 7, 2007

This is the podcast that I should love listening and the one that I want to recommend for those who lack motivation in saving money.  Feed the Pig podcast is all about the smart way to get what you want which is through sensible saving. It aims to help young professionals to attain financial stability by feeding their “piggy banks”.

This is a good podcast for all of us who want to know how to manage our personal finance effectively. Feed the Pig provides practical tips about saving and spending such as dealing with debts, compulsive buying, loans and many more. On the latest episode of Feed the Pig, listeners will learn some ideas about Creating a Budget. Check this out and start saving for your future.

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Posted by coolpodcasts on August 18, 2007

Volcanicast is another cool weekly podcast that is designed for people who want to know the latest and hottest talk on the web. Volcanicast brings you the latest and most-searched terms on Google!

And because the basis of each episode of this show is according to the Google Hot Trends website, topics that are discussed here can range from tech, politics and web to celebrities, hoaxes and other phenomenal happenings in the world.  Some have significant importance while others don’t have. But the bottom line is you will be abreast on what’s on the web.

This is a recommended show for mature people who are always curious, inquiring and flexible in hearing news from religion to celebrity sex scandals. So if you are ready, check out the latest episode of Volcanicast where the hosts discussed the most-searched term on Google that happened to be about unbreakable skateboarders, earthquakes in LA, fat people walking and Anne Hathaway’s nipples.

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Clay Nelson Life Balance Hour Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 26, 2007

The Clay Nelson Life Balance Hour is a show that deals about moving forward no matter what. This is a weekly podcast that aims to provide listeners a new outlook and inspiration on how to go on our life despite the not-so-good things that we re encountering.

If you are aspiring or dreaming to learn how to live your life to the fullest, you need to listen to this show as Clay Nelson will provide tips on how to reclaim your passion to live. The show is all about building a happy family, creating a strong relationship, being successful and contented whatever you are.

Check out the latest episode of Clay Nelson Life Balance Hour where Nelson talked about boredom, its effects to our life and what we can do to overcome this unpleasant feeling.

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On The Menu Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 23, 2007

On the Menu is a podcast about good living: food, dining and travel. It is a weekly one hour radio program that is hosted by Ann & Peter Haigh, a married couple who passionately share their interest in the world of food, travel and lifestyle.

The On the Menu podcast features a variety of trends in food, cookware and fine dining; you will be delighted on their recommendations on where to go for special occasions. The show also features great places to visit and interviews of popular chefs, hoteliers, food critics and culinary luminaries. You can subscribe in this podcast through this link.

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The Rules Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 21, 2007

Face it; we are sometimes caught in a situation where we do not know what to say and how to react. But did you know that there is a podcast that will show and give us tips on negotiating about various social situations? Yes and its called The Rules where the hosts discuss sort of things or instances that we usually encounter in our daily lives.

The show will not teach you to be prim and proper but it will give you some sensible ideas on what to do when you are caught in an incident that you are not expecting. It’s really nice to hear their opinion about various circumstances like using the mobile phone in public places, taking an expensive wine to a party, speaking in acronyms, reserving seats in fast food, tipping and many more.

And of course, they have lots of other conversations that are simply fun and combined with cool Podsafe music. Check them out on their latest episode titled as Don’t Tell me your Dreams.

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