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The Garret Murray Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 25, 2007

The Garret Murray Podcast is a comedy show hosted by Garrett Murray and Shawn Morrison, the two naturally funny gents who will surely make you burst in hilarity two times a week.

The topics that Garrett and Shawn feature at the podcast can be anything to everything; no topic is off-limit or too obscure to tackle. They can talk about, tobacco, nicknames, super heroes, movies, folklores, aging, American culture, etc and turn these topics into something entertaining and funny.

And yes, The Garret Murray Podcast loves running contests too! So check them out on their latest episode where they talked about SXSW, time, a new contest, blessings and a whole lot more.


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Spooky In The City

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 24, 2007

Spooky in the City  is a comedy podcast created and hosted by a man who is struggling to adapt to single life in New York City after his girl decided to leave. This show will make you laugh as Spooky reveals what on his mind.

Spooky talks about anything and everything from dating to his daily house chores and I can say that this guy is kind’ a strange but indeed awesomely funny! So listen and enjoy the latest episode of Spooky in the City entitled “Don’t Make it Weird”

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Building A Better Dave Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 22, 2007

Building a Better Dave is podcast show by Dave Jackson. This is the show were you can hear the funny, weird and crazy side of his life. The host discusses all sorts of things and relationships in a really entertaining way and I guarantee you that each episode will make you burst in laughter.

Building a Better Dave is no longer than 15 minutes but you may laugh longer than that because of the manner he delivers his lines. Topics he loves to talk about are dating, love, sex marriage and divorce. He also frequently shares the funny situations that he got into along the way. This is a cool podcast that can give you great laugh!

Catch Dave on his latest episode entitled Fourth Time is the Charm which is about a wedding he went to where it was wedding #4 for the bride and a lesson he learned when the nurse seemed to be upset about something that was no big deal to him.

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NASA Edge Video Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 28, 2007

NASA Edge is a video podcast that features a one of a kind space and science show because of the hosts’ unique perspectives as they provide the latest news and development in space science.  With this new podcast, you will be updated with the fun facts, cool happenings and of the wall stuffs inside and out of NASA.

The NASA Edge is an informative but very funny podcast that will grace your soul. The show is hosted by
Chris Giersch and Blair Allen and anchored by Franklin Fitzgerald. This is a great show that you can listen with the whole family. NASA Edge is indeed highly recommended for people who are fond of exciting science exploration. Check out their latest episode where they discussed about Pluto, Mars, space food cook-off, spinoff technology and Winter X-Games.

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Tucker Tales Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 15, 2007

Tucker Tales podcast is a home made talk show hosted by Jason and Jennifer Tucker where they discuss and share things about their family, their work, married life and interesting stuffs that happen around them.

The couple also featured some sort of techie stuffs, food, drinks and gadgets that they discovered or tried themselves. They also talked about weird brief news that is quite entertaining to know. Hanging out and listening with the cool and funny Jason and Jen is a good idea to unwind and have some fun. Join them on their latest episode titled Long Winded Jason where they talked about lot of things such as the Podcast Peer Awards, softball and John Edwards.

And oh, if you like Jason here at Tucker Tales, I bet you will also appreciate BarNuts, another new podcast where you can catch more fun as this is a show hosted by group of friends: Scott, John, Nobilis and Jason. Check ’em out!

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Short Cummings Audio

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 14, 2007

The Short Cummings Audio is a comedy podcast by Kevin Cummings that brings entertainment without the hassle of rambling and ranting. The podcast is somewhat like a humorous essay or story that is properly narrated. Work safe and a good companion anytime of the day as the podcast will surely bring light but good laugh.

This comedy podcast is released weekly and every episode runs for approximately 6 minutes.  Stories featured in Short Cummings Audio are based on cynical or extraordinary observations from the host’s daily life. Check out how naturally witty is the host with his latest episode titled Back in the Game where Kevin share his perceptions of the word “dating” during his generation and how dating is being perceived nowadays.

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Idiot Box Radio

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 11, 2007

The Idiot Box Radio is a comedy podcast created and hosted by wacky Tory with his wife Melissa who seems to love making everybody laugh and giggle throughout the show. Tory also played nice PodSafe music during the show and talked about anything and everything funny. And yes, it is true that most of the times, even serious stuffs are turned to be funny by the way they comment or describe them.

They also love featuring the other cool podcast shows out there so listening to Idiot Box Radio also gave you insights and sort of updates on what are happening on their friends’ shows. Join the fun with the most recent episode of Idiot Box Radio  as Tory talked about car theft, blowing up engines, drink coffee and a clip that they created for Mudbomb Radio that has upset people.

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30 Seconds With Phone Guy Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 28, 2007

The 30 Seconds with Phone Guy is a comedy video podcast where the guy is always and I think will be forever talking on his phone which happens not to be a real phone but a wallet.  This podcast is very funny and you would not imagine that the man talking on this podcast is capable of doing these hilarious video of weird conversations.

The guy on the show is awesome and seriously witty. Settings and conversations per episode is perfectly matched.  This is a nice video to watch if you want to 30 seconds of good laugh. Catch the phone guy with his latest episode where he conversed with his wallet about Artisan Brick Installation.

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A Shanty No Lemon Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 17, 2007

A Shanty No Lemon is a comedy gay podcast with a twist of geeky or nerdy talk hosted by guys with different sexual preferences. This is an awesome podcast that you will enjoy listening if you love watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

A Shanty No Lemon, though under the genre of gay podcast is recommended to all except for kids of course. You can learn from this show how life, love, sex, technology, computers, politics and pop culture is being perceived by straight and non-straight guys.

The show is explicit…explicitly nice and funny that will surely make you laugh and say “cool!” Topics can be about anything but three things are guaranteed: they are all interesting, informative and entertaining. So join the gang on their latest episode titled Truck Nuts where they talked about xtube, hockey game, weird sex tricks, MTV’s shit and many more.

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The Twisted Pickle Show

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 5, 2007

The Twisted Pickle Show  is a one-man show hosted by Corby, a witty guy from Omaha who explicitly share his funny and unique outlook to the ups and downs of life. It is just amazing how he created and continually hosts the show without her wife knowing anything about it..

The podcast features interesting titbits from Corby’s life, his daily whereabouts, his family, his colleagues, and his friends in podcasting. The way he delivers his show is really entertaining knowing the fact that nobody except him do all the talking. Feel the power of ninja Corby with Twisted Pickle episode 93 where he talked about ovulation kit troubles, being drunk and a very unusual experience with a building full of women while attempting to buy paint.

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