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Chef Line Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 23, 2006

Chef’s Line  podcast features cooking and culinary discussion with the country’s most popular chefs. The podcast aims to deliver unique and customize menu planning each episode as different chef reveal their secrets and how their recipe works.

Chef Line podcast encourages you to be your own chef by providing you with various tips and techniques in meal preparation and developing special menu. The podcast also features recipes from their celebrity guest stars. They provide various ways to prepare healthy meal but luscious and hearty meals. The podcast is really a big help for anyone who desire to learn how is it to prepare and cook like a chef in a fun way.

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All You Can Eat Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 19, 2006

All You Can Eat is a podcast show that discusses all topics about food and all sorts of beverages. This show is created and hosted by Don Genova, a broadcaster and writer about food and travel from Canada.

Listeners will never be bored in this show because each episode is surely mouth watering and informative. All You Can Eat podcast features yummy recipes, excellent cookbooks and wines. Don also invites his friends to compare and talk about different food brands. He likewise interviews wine producers, chefs, cook book authors and even farmers to provide timely and up to date news about food and wine.

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Tales From The Back Burner

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 16, 2006

Tales from the Back Burner is a podcast about practical cooking and sumptuous eating. The podcast is hosted and created by Cory and Kim Souders. They are not expert chefs or culinary gurus but they can provide good kitchen tips and tasty dishes. No fancy cooking, no high tech equipment nor food garnishes.

I like this podcast because it imparts various ways to prepare food in easy and realistic ways. One of the cool features of Tales from the Back Burner is the segment where Kim shows different ways to recook leftover dishes.

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Beer And Barbecue Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 6, 2006

Beer and barbecue is really a great pair. For beer lovers they will definitely love drinking more beer with Bobs Beer and BBQ  podcast hosted by Bob himself. And for people who have constant cravings for barbecue like me, this podcast show is a blast.

This is the perfect podcast for people who love to make their own barbecue, you will surely hooked in this show as you will discover a wide range of barbecue recipes and more techniques to prepare a great, really great tasty, juicy and oh so yummy barbecue.

Bob’s tested recipe is also coupled with his humorous and informative insights that make barbecue eating more enjoyable. Bob also talks about beer reviews of the best beer in town.

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The Podchef Gastrocast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 11, 2006

Culinary chefs and experts did not pass the chance of podcasting revolution. They too, join the bandwagon and share the wonders of cooking and eating. One of the coolest food podcast I know is the Podchef’s Gastrocast that create various podcasts about food and cooking.

The mere browsing of this website that is located at already makes me hungry. And as you browse its Gastrocast episodes, it will really make you feel like cooking.

The free episodes of Podchef’s Gastrocast are not limited to recipes and cooking tips, it also provide its listeners numerous information about the food we eat, the various sumptuous cuisines, the food standards, the food industry and other valuable information that is related to food. You may check out Gastrocast Episode 74 here that talk about some news on the coutry fair and the adventures of the flying chef.

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