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The Zedcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 10, 2007

The ZedCast is a comedy skit podcast hosted by witty and awesome Bruce Murray.  This podcast will surely delight your day with entertaining wit of Bruce straight from Canada. He has over than hundred of episodes that never fail to bring humor and comedy entertainment. You will be amused by the exceptional talent of this man who seemed born to spread comical laugh not only in Canada but across the world.

The ZedCast also talked about Bruce’s fellow podcasters and their podcasts shows and promos that makes this comedy podcast not only entertaining but also informative. So what are you waiting for? Check out and enjoy the latest episode of ZedCast.

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Just Another Fan Boy

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 31, 2007

Want something funny, entertaining and yet informative stuffs? Do you love comic books, movies or humorous contents? Tune in to Just Another Fan Boy and laugh out loud with their cool and hilarious show that features numerous comic books, movies, DVD reviews, bloopers and even fake commercials.

The show is hosted by Steeven Orr, Norman Oklahoma and Gary Indiana. These guys will delight your ears with their great sense of humour. Just Another Fan Boy has segments like Weekly Comic Book news by Steeven, The View which is delivered by Norman and At The Movies by Gary where he recites dialog from his favorite movies.

Join the gang with their latest episode where Steeven talked about Justice League of America #5, Justice #9, and Astonishing X-Men #19 as his comic pick of the week. This episode also feature Dances with Wolves movies as delivered by Gary and listen to Norman as he teaches his listeners how to properly use the phone.

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The MoPod Show Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 11, 2007

The MoPod Show is a gay comedy podcast that offer everybody an entertaining look at the gay community whether you are gay or not. This is a show that tackles a wide range of interesting topics about being gay and merry. You will never imagine that these gays can be very humorous as they are. Every episode is surely a fun-filled show.

Sneak on their world with MoPod ‘s latest episode where they featured not just one but two MoPod Show skits. This episode also includes bonus holiday flashback episode of The Adventures Barbara Bush Alexis the Lesbian Dolphin’s Christmas Special from last year.

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The Twisted Pickle Show

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 5, 2007

The Twisted Pickle Show  is a one-man show hosted by Corby, a witty guy from Omaha who explicitly share his funny and unique outlook to the ups and downs of life. It is just amazing how he created and continually hosts the show without her wife knowing anything about it..

The podcast features interesting titbits from Corby’s life, his daily whereabouts, his family, his colleagues, and his friends in podcasting. The way he delivers his show is really entertaining knowing the fact that nobody except him do all the talking. Feel the power of ninja Corby with Twisted Pickle episode 93 where he talked about ovulation kit troubles, being drunk and a very unusual experience with a building full of women while attempting to buy paint.

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Keeme Cast

Posted by coolpodcasts on December 14, 2006

Keeme Cast is a witty adult podcast hosted by a single dad who is really wacky all the way. Keeme talks very explicit and loves sex, adult and other crazy topics. But he is really cool! Keemecast also features his very funny conversations with the telemarketers he encountered.

This is a good show especially if you want some real and spontaneous laugh along the way. Listening to Keeme stories, remarks and thoughts are really entertaining. Listen to his another nutty episode where Keeme featured how he made a Bill Collector lose his cool.  The latest episode also includes stories from The Keeme about Kids, Squirrels, Licking arms, Heads in refrigerators and many more.

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The Monkey Box

Posted by coolpodcasts on December 8, 2006

The Monkey Box podcast is tagged as the best sketch comedy in podcasting because of its super hilarious and extremely silly and funny shows. And because it is awfully silly, this podcast is strictly for adult and definitely not for kids!

If you love Saturday Night Live or Mad TV, you will surely adore The Monkey Box because of their nastiness. You will definitely appreciate all the character and voices that you will hear in The Monkey Box. Their latest episode is titled South Boston Julie Love Funnel. Hear it and you too will roll in laughter.

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The Dawn and Drew Show Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 26, 2006

This talk show is one of the most popular and highly rated podcast that we have now. The Dawn and Drew Show is a mixture of jokes and funny topics that usually involve a series of their show. These jokes are combined with the witty and amazing comments of Dawn and Drew that makes this podcast very addicting and fascinating.

The Dawn and Drew show is an adult talk show covering issues like sex, relationship and farm animals. The couple who are both interesting and smart always express their selves in a candid and explicit ways that makes their show very entertaining and worth listening.

Catch the DND Show 455  about the review of the latest movie that showbiz dad watched before he announces an attempt at his first official show.

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A.B.O.V.E Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 25, 2006

The A.B.O.V.E or A Bit Of Virtually Everything is totally hilarious comedy show that originated in South Wales. This is a free British comedy show that nearly tackles everything and anything funny from tramp, tip giving to transvestites, brain disorders, White House and farts.

ABOVE podcast is released weekly and is hosted by Adam Court, Hannah Lewis and Paul Saunders, the lovely but wicked and wacky trio that will rock your day with their explicit and very entertaining commentaries. So if you wish to burst with laughter, join them in their unending hilarious discussion.

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Bucket Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 20, 2006

This podcast is tagged as the show about nothing and everything which is somehow true because Bucket podcast talks about nothing really extraordinary but it discusses everything that the hosts can think of and deliver them in entertaining and quite amusing way.

The Bucket podcast is hosted by married couple Jen and Corey and they regularly feature Our So Called Second life, Jen’s Potty Mouth, Corey’s Sports Corner, Primate Update and some great music selection. They also have sort of updates from their favourite TV shows as well as witty, nasty and hilarious comments on politician, games or anything that added more entertainment to their show.

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Lucky Bitch Radio

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 19, 2006

If you like comedy talk show, I bet you will love Wanda Wisdom’s Lucky Bitch Radio podcast. This show is all about her journey on her daily self-discovery delivered with endless explicit humour and funny wits that makes Luck Bitch Radio such a fun way to be entertained.

Each episode has the usual one hour duration and released 3 to 4 times a week and because topics can be any inspirational and funny stuff around, the show is not boring. The show also includes occasional interviews of remarkable gays who are worth knowing.

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