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Science and the Sea Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 17, 2006

The Science and the Sea podcast is a charming two minute story about marine science and the rest of underwater world. The podcast helps us to understand more the sea and its numerous life forms. It is especially recommended for students, kids and individuals who are interested to learn the fun and entertaining facts of life under the sea.

The Science and the Sea podcast is relatively new but all its podcast stories are all interesting and educational. Some of its recent episodes which are all worthy to listen are stories on red tide, attack of the jelly fish, silence of the clams and dolphin signatures.


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David Bedtime Audio Stories for Children

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 13, 2006

This is an audio podcast created and dedicated for children. David Bedtime Audio Stories for Children  is a compilation of bed time stories, biblical stories and timeless children songs. This is a great educational podcast especially for young kids.

Parents can download and subscribe this podcast and play them for their children before bed time. The podcasts are good alternative to the usual story telling because here, both parents and kids can just lie on bed together while listening. The podcast can also use to encourage children to like stories and get them motivated to read later on.

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Radio Disney Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 7, 2006

Radio Disney is probably the best wholesome podcast for teenagers and young adult. Radio Disney is all about bands, celebrities and bands that are featured in Disney entertainment. The podcast also plays cool music that was featured in their various TV series and musicals.

Catch the celebrities of your favourite Disney TV series like Hanna Montana, High School Musical, Cow Belle and many others with the weekly free podcast of Radio Disney. If you are hip and young, I am sure that you will love this show!

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Podcast for Good

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 16, 2006

Podcast For Good is a show where young children voice out their dreams, beliefs and opinions. This is the podcast that gives voice to our young ones. The creator of Podcast For Good provide opportunity these children to develop and explore their technology related skills.

They provide workshops for children to hone their talent and be able to explore the opportunities in podcasting. Podcast For Good teaches them how to create and edit their own skits and converting them to MP3 format.

The emphasis of the Podcast For Good podcasters is to assist less-privileged children and those kids with disabilities but they also welcome and feature the voices of children that would like to be heard of. I can say that this is a noble podcast that aim to inspire children and families to work together to build a better world.

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Mommy Cast Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 12, 2006

The title says it all – podcast made for mothers and created by mothers. Mommy Cast is podcast show that talks about motherhood, rearing children and the lifestyle of mothers. This is one great podcast for mommy who wants to enjoy her calling and devotion to be a mother and a wife.

The podcast deals with everyday life of mothers, seeing their children grow and sharing the wonders of being a mommy. The hosts, Paige and Gretchen who are both mother to several children will provide helpful and practical tips on parenting. They also share insights anything and everything about motherhood and being a woman.

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PotterCast Podcast For Harry Potter Fanatics

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 4, 2006

Fond of Harry? I found PotterCast, the ultimate podcast that talks about Harry Potter. This podcast covers everything and keep you updated with the latest buzz about Harry Potter. Their website itself contains numerous information that depicts in-depth knowledge and thorough data about Harry Potter.

The podcast show features Modcast, In The Know, Extendable Ears and Leaky Lowdown. Modcast is a PotterCast segment where you can hear the mods talking about the theories and hear say about Harry Potter. PotterCast also have In The Know where you can listen to the experts who specialize about the films and books of Harry Potter. Subscribers can also sneak on the people that are engage in the film production.

If you can’t get enough on Harry Potter books and its films, then this will surely feed your Potter cravings.

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Scientific American Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 20, 2006

I just want to share another educational podcast that I recently bumped in, the Scientific American podcast that features the most recent advances and events in science and technology.

The podcast is highly appropriate to any individual especially students, corporate people and even parents who want to know and listen to scientific news and discovery. With the Scientific American podcast, you don’t need to read technical abstract and various lengthy scientific citations in order to know what’s new about science.

Just subscribe, tune in and viola! you can get 60-second quick report every week day. You can also listen to a weekly podcast that talks about the latest advancement as Steve Mirsky interview well known scientists.

Find this podcast at iTunes or visit Scientific American Website to listen or to subscribe.

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MouseTunes Disney Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 19, 2006

The MouseTunes podcast features the most recent Disney news, ride-throughs of attraction in Disney World and dining reviews. Other cool features are Hidden Mickey as presented by Steve Barrett, interesting trivias and lots of contest with great prizes. Consequently because of its informative and fun podcasts, MouseTunes was the 2006 Best Travel Podcast People’s Choice Award winner this year.

MouseTunes podcast is presented weekly and available for download for all listeners. We can also listen to their latest podcast at the MouseTunes Radio which is also found in their website. This is one of the fun podcasts that can be subscribed by Disney fans like me to be sure that we are always updated on anything and everything about Disney world.

Subscribe, listen or read more about MouseTunes.

Other related post about Disney can be also read here

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Podcast For Children

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 9, 2006

Podcast for children? Why not? Podcast is not just for the big boys. Parents will be surely enticed to know that they can now actually extend the use of their iPod or other portable media players to their young ones. And parents could use the technology of podcasting to keep their kids busy and occupied while they travel together or while mom or dad have a short meeting with someone.

There are numbers of cool websites today that feature special podcast for children wherein most of them are offered free. Plus the fact that these podcasts are not only meant to entertain the young ones. They are designed to educate and teach the children.

One impressive podcast website that provides numerous free audio stories for kids is the Storynory located at This site caters for children and they have good collection of fun filled and educational stories and literatures for children.

Another nice podcast website for children is the kid-cast can be found at This podcasting site is dedicated for children podcasting and helps these children to upload their own podcast on the net. With this site, parents can even encourage their kids to be creative and produce their own show.

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