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Irish And Celtic Music Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 25, 2007

Irish  & Celtic Music Podcast as the name it implies featured nothing but the best independent Irish, Celtic and music from Western Europe. The show is hosted by Marc Gunn, a musician and entrepreneur who has a distinct taste of authentic music from Western Europe.

Aside from Irish and Celtic music, this music podcast also features select independent folk songs from Scotland, Wales, Galicia, US, Australia and even authentic music from anywhere in the world. Marc Gunn featured the music by Music from Tartanic, The Limeybirds, Wyldefyre, Owain Phyfe, Arabesque, and many more on his latest episode of Irish and Celtic Music Podcast.

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A.B.O.V.E Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 25, 2006

The A.B.O.V.E or A Bit Of Virtually Everything is totally hilarious comedy show that originated in South Wales. This is a free British comedy show that nearly tackles everything and anything funny from tramp, tip giving to transvestites, brain disorders, White House and farts.

ABOVE podcast is released weekly and is hosted by Adam Court, Hannah Lewis and Paul Saunders, the lovely but wicked and wacky trio that will rock your day with their explicit and very entertaining commentaries. So if you wish to burst with laughter, join them in their unending hilarious discussion.

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Today Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 28, 2006

Today podcast is a radio program of BBC Radio 4 that is aired from 6-9am weekdays and 7-9am during Saturdays and can be subscribed and downloaded for free. Today podcast is among the most downloaded radio programs globally and tagged to be as the best British radio.

The Today podcast features select and top quality headline interview from the BBC’s top news show, current affairs and commentaries. This is indeed a great podcast to keep updated, stay connected and be informed on the latest happening around.

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The Paranormalists Comedy Drama Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 20, 2006

The Paranormalists is one of a kind podcast that caught my attention. The comedy drama podcast is about a crack group of amateur supernatural or paranormal investigators that experience extraordinary occurrences like tracking alien abductions, finding the Holy Grail, trailing a Bigfoot and many others. The story is set on the 1990s at the English West Country.

This podcast has been getting a positive feedback and good response because of the unique show platform. The Paranormalists is a professional creation by a group of British actors and solely published through the Internet. Among the lead casts of this show are Michael “Bullet Baxter” Cronin and Neil Edmond.

Subscribing to this podcast is recommended so you will not miss any episodes.

To learn more about this, visit The Paranormalists .

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