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Word To Mouth Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on August 12, 2008

Word to Mouth is a good podcast for book lovers who want to learn more about the author of the books they’re reading.  This is one great show to hear more about the passion and interests of various budding and seasoned authors and some tidbits and juicy info/background on the books they have written.

The show is hosted by Carrie who also provides some freebies to her readers by giving out books once in a while. So check out the latest episode of Word to Mouth where Carrie interviewed Ron Franscell, the author of The Darkest Night.

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Posted by coolpodcasts on September 4, 2007

Ancestor is a book podcast or podiobook that tells about the story of scientists who struggle to solve the problem of using animal tissue to replace failing human organs. The story’s main character is Dr. Claus Rhumkorrf who seeks to recreate the ancestor of all mammals.

Dr. Rhumkorrf aims to produce an animal with human internal organs. But his vision to recreate the ancestor leads to the birth of a fast-growing evil monster that nature eradicated 250 million years ago which is now on the loose, and very, very hungry.  Ancestor is based on the writings of Scott Sigler and released in association with Podshow. All of its 19 episodes can be downloaded here.

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Come Let Me Whisper

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 27, 2007

Come, Let me Whisper podcast is a collection of short fiction stories written by Russell Burt. This is a great to listen podcast for those who are thrilled in ghost stories, monstrous stories, zombies, horror fiction, macabre fiction and dark fiction stories.

The fiction stories that are featured in Come Let me Whisper frequently have twisted or unexpected endings although few have happy endings. Come Let me Whisper podcast has brand new story in each of its episode so listening in this podcast will never leave you hanging.

The stories that are narrated here can be listened anywhere but this is not recommended for young audiences or for people with faint hearts.  Check out the latest episode of Come, Let me Whisper featuring Breaking In with an intro made by John Neuman and some inspiration from Taylor Kent.

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Variant Frequencies Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 11, 2007

Variant Frequencies  is a monthly podcast that deliver fiction stories for your listening pleasure. If you love listening to stories that are blended with dark fantasy, space adventure or gothic horror, you will definitely get hooked in Variant Frequencies.

Listening to their podcasted stories are great because of the professional production quality of their show that is matched with their amazing voice talents and creative music scores. You will be amazed on how they transformed each story into a more vivid and realistic narrated audio chronicle.

Some of the stories they covered are No World for Warriors” by Matt Wallace, “See” by Swedish sci-fi writer A.R. Yngve, and “Life Sentence” by Anne Stringer. And for the month of April, the Variant Frequencies story is “Sacrifice” by Jason McDowell.  The Sacrifice is about Father Michael Brannigan whom since childhood has been a medium, a powerful seer of spirits.

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Just Another Fan Boy

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 31, 2007

Want something funny, entertaining and yet informative stuffs? Do you love comic books, movies or humorous contents? Tune in to Just Another Fan Boy and laugh out loud with their cool and hilarious show that features numerous comic books, movies, DVD reviews, bloopers and even fake commercials.

The show is hosted by Steeven Orr, Norman Oklahoma and Gary Indiana. These guys will delight your ears with their great sense of humour. Just Another Fan Boy has segments like Weekly Comic Book news by Steeven, The View which is delivered by Norman and At The Movies by Gary where he recites dialog from his favorite movies.

Join the gang with their latest episode where Steeven talked about Justice League of America #5, Justice #9, and Astonishing X-Men #19 as his comic pick of the week. This episode also feature Dances with Wolves movies as delivered by Gary and listen to Norman as he teaches his listeners how to properly use the phone.

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The Pocket And The Pendant Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 21, 2007

The Pocket and the Pendant is an audio book /sci-fi adventure podcast about the tradition of an ancient civilization. This audio book podcast will be loved by both young and adult reader because of its authentic historical context and fascinating story that introduces aliens, time travel and massive gems with the power to stop time and minds.

The story is about a young orphan man, who is harassed by bullies and about to be thrown into juvenile hall. The young man is mysteriously immune to this chrono-freeze and he soon discovered the other children: Casey Cole and Ian Keating who are likewise resistant and together they find themselves boarding on an exciting mission.

Click here to listen to the first chapter of the Pocket and the Pendant.

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The 4th Age Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 13, 2007

The 4th Age podcast is basically a show for the fans and followers of the Wheel of Time book series. The podcast however does not only dwell on the discussion and commentaries about the book series, because The 4th Age podcast likewise feature interesting topics that are related in the book, the fans, its author and the hosts of the show: Jason and Carrie.

Listening to this podcast will surely double your excitement and knowledge on the Wheel of Time books. So join Jason and Carrie on their latest 4th Age episode where they talked about the final part of the Asmodean series.

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Posted by coolpodcasts on November 19, 2006

Pseudopod is a twice a month horror magazine podcast for avid audiences of horror based stories.  If you love reading suspense and terrifying fiction stories, then you will be hooked in this audio podcast that brings premium and lots of scary and horrible audio stories.

Pseudopod is only intended for open-minded adult who find horror-related contents as form of entertainment. It is not intended for kids and even people who are easily disturbed by scary or violent setting. Each episode of Pseudopod may contain stories that depict death, violence, blasphemy, hate crimes or even explicit sexual violence so if you are faint-hearted, this horror audio story is not for you.

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Adventures In Odyssey Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 3, 2006

Adventures in Odyssey is a podcast story for children that teaches moral and biblical principles. This is an ideal podcast content for the entire family as each story is based on certain theme like friendship, trust, and honesty.

The Adventures in Odyssey is created by a team of award winning professionals who want to help creating a better world by producing educational and wholesome media that will inspire the young generation. The voice talents of the audio story has been featured in popular movies like The Land Before Time, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Treasure Planet and Toy Story. This podcast can be also subscribed and downloaded through Yahoo Podcast.

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7th Son Novel Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 3, 2006

7th Son is a weekly science fiction novel podcast or podiobook about the lives of seven strangers who have been brought together after the assassination of the U.S. president. The 7 men discovered that have been cloned as evident by their one and the same childhood memories.

The 7th Son became a phenomenal hit novel podcast and has been nominated for various awards. This podcast is composed of two podiobooks: 7th Son, Book One: Descent and Book Two: Deceit. The second book of 7th Son is still on going. If you love suspense and sci-fi stories, you will definitely like the quality and plot of 7th Son novel podcast, the excellent creation of J C Hutchins.

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