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Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 26, 2009

Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice Podcast is tagged as the sex advice with an edge because it features no non-sense topics about sex, romance, relationship and passion. This podcast talks about real-life sexual experiences of individuals and features well-known personalities who are sexually mature to discuss and share their sexual beliefs and inclinations.

The show is not the typical sex podcast that aims to arouse you because Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice Podcast goes beyond that by explaining and talking anything about sex in informative but entertaining way. You will surely become a better, mature and yet exciting in bed as you listen to this show.

Check out the latest episode of Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice Podcast that featured Tony Buff, a tireless activist, compelling educator, masterful rigger and superb Dom who also directs as well as performs in his signature line of critically acclaimed fetish movies.

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The Dave Ramsey Show

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 24, 2009

One of the most popular podcast nowadays is the Dave Ramsey Show hosted by Mr. David Ramsey himself who is a well-known TV personality, author, and financial expert. The show is mainly about financial matter and how it is connected with life, love and relationship.

The Dave Ramsey Show is a 5x a week, 40-minutes podcast that provides down-to-earth advice about your money and being smart financially. This is one great podcast for people who want to become financial savvy because you can learn a lot from the Dave Ramsey Show.

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