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Chronicles of Libidacoria Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 30, 2008

The Chronicles of Libidacoria is an adult podcast about the journal of an independent woman’s sexual journey in our modern world. In each episode, K, the host of this podcast passionately narrates essays and poems about relationship, sex, romance and love.

The podcast is not the typical sex oriented show but a mature literature for the sexual intellectual. So if you are passionate, intellectual and a loving adult who desires love and passion, check out the Chronicles of Libidacoria. Its latest episode tells something about Black Friday essay and poem “Desire Plays”.

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Inside Home Recording Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 28, 2008

Inside Home Recording Podcast is show that talks about the home studio recording. It features the latest news, tips, techniques and reviews in home studio recording.

The show is running since 2005, hence, Inside Home Recording Podcast is said to be the the longest-running podcast on home and project studio recording. This show is hosted by Paul Garay, Derek Miller and Dave Chick who are all professional musicians that love teaching, producing and recording music.

This is a great podcast for both novice and professional musicians who are involve in studio recording. So if you are an aspiring musician who wants to start recording or a professional who wants to keep abreast with the latest stuff in studio recording, be sure to check this podcast. The latest episode talked about the different time signatures and having too many guitars.

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Autism Hangout Podcasts

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 27, 2008

Autism Hangout, a community and online resource for parents of children with autism also has podcasts in their network to better serve and inform people who are interested in understanding the capabilities and disabilities of children with autism.

Autism Hangout Podcasts feature several podcast series that deals in various aspects of autistic children:

Dr. Jane Brown’s Key Learnings of Autism Thought Leaders which focuses in helping autistic children to have successful college experience.

GFCF Product Podcast Series by Craig Evans feature appropriate products and services for this people with autism such as Gluten-free, Casein-free products and brands and companies.

Aside for the two podcast series, there are more interesting featured podcasts in the Autism Hangout that will definitely provide practical advices and recommendations. So check them all here.

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The FlyLady and Friends Show

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 26, 2008

The FlyLady and Friends Show is a podcast that can literally help you to clean the clutter in your place. This is a family oriented podcast that features practical tips to lighten up your home and to make it clean without tiring you down.

The show is hosted Marla (the FlyLady) and her FlyBabies together with their special co-host every week. The FlyLady and Friends Show just aired their latest episode this Thanksgiving, so join them and listen to another easy and fun discussions of the things that will help your home become clutter-free

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Posted by coolpodcasts on November 19, 2008

As the name suggests, this podcast has something to do about words because everyday, Podictionary features a word with its meaning and its surprising history. This in indeed for word lovers, students and other people who would like to know more about the words we are using.

Podictionary is hosted by Charles Hodgson, the author of Carnal Knowledge – A Navel Gazer’s Dictionary of Anatomy, Etymology, and Trivia.  So you can really expect a more interesting and fun discussion about the words he featured in this podcast.

The latest episode of Podictionary is about guppy – a little fish. Tune-in and know more about this little fish which is named after a person.

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Mystery Play Internet Radio Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 8, 2008

The Mystery Play Internet Radio Podcast features good old time radio wherein listeners will definitely hear thrilling stories from dead people. This radio podcast aims to introduce old time radio to as many people as possible and MPIR is sometimes tagged as a show where you can hear from the dead. Sounds creepy isn’t it?

So if you like thrilling fiction stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat, check out the latest episode of Mystery Play Internet Radio Podcast featuring The KIRO Mystery Play House “The Procedure and The Mannequin”.

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The AndyCast Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 2, 2008

The AndyCast Podcast is a funny show that can give you guaranteed 20 minutes of exhilarating fun because of the wit and humor of its host.  This comedy podcast features funny skits, stories, cool music and of course, the highlight of AndyCast: the uninformed biographies of podcasters and new media personalities.

This is a great show that showers you with lots of great laugh all the time. So check out the latest episode of the AndyCast Podcast entitled Sylvain Grand’Maison for another laugh-out-loud bonding with one of the coolest and funniest men on Earth.

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The Prosperity Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 2, 2008

The Prosperity Podcast is a show that talks about the secret of the law of attraction to create abundant wealth. This podcast provides practical tips as well as useful information on how you can attract more money, prosperity, happiness and success into your life.

This weekly podcast is hosted by Julia Tindall, a yoga practitioner and teacher together with Ira Ellenbogen. So if you want to learn the techniques to improve your life, check out the Prosperity Podcast and be inspired with real-life experiences of real people. The latest episode of The Prosperity Podcast is entitled Black Cat Got Your Tongue. It talked about the importance of carefully choosing what we say and being impeccable with our words.

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