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Bedroom Radio Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 23, 2008

Bedroom Radio Podcast is show that celebrates sexuality and the wonders of female orgasm. This is a strictly adult podcast that talks about sex toy reviews, live demonstrations and other erotic discussions.

Each episode of Bedroom Radio Podcast usually features a special guest who talked about orgasms, sex toys, sexual ways or books about sexuality. So if you are into these things, tune in to Bedroom Radio Podcast. The latest episode of this show talked about going in polyamorous relationship fro the first time, Panty Tree, and Bush Rides Again: Birth Control Defined as “Abortion”.

2 Responses to “Bedroom Radio Podcast”

  1. joker said

    i’m searching this information untill i got this. Thank you

    By Prof Barbara Foster
    Riverdale Avenue Books, 2015
    Barbara Foster’s Confessions of a Librarian: A Memoir of Loves is an intimate guide to the not-so-lonely planet, a worm’s-eye view of Eros. Confessions relates her sexual adventures from Istanbul to Bombay to Buenos Aires to a Latin night in a sleazy motel off the Jersey Turnpike, not to mention shacking up with a gangster in Greenwich Village. Love is where you find it.
    Barbara is an erotic pilgrim in the steps of Jacques Casanova, Colette and Anais Nin. The places she has gone, the men she has met and slept with, were sexy, interesting, and sometimes dangerous. Bawdy and bookish, she is a research librarian who is daunted by technology but quickly sizes up a potential lover. The map of Barbara’s travels is torn by war, rape, and thievery—but she made it through to tell the women of her Confessions Club her honest-to-goddess tales.
    Barbara is on a quest, seeking what few of us find—romance. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will enjoy all the more comparing your adventures with Barbara’s. Otherwise, take a trip with Barbara and soak up the wild experiences. Confessions may inspire you to expand your horizons in ways you wanted to but never dared. An extra added attraction: Confessions has a foreword by Barbara’s husband.
    Prof. Barbara Foster 212-929-1442
    Reverend Joseph Ben-David, Head of the Humanist Foundation
    I am reading your erotic-poetic creation and am almost at the end. I greatly appreciate your courage, ability to feel and your literary expressiveness. You are indeed a good humanist.
    Keep on moving on the path of agelessness.

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