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Tale Chasing Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 23, 2008

Tale Chasing is a podcast for people who are passionate about writing fantasy stories, magical novels or anything about the fantasy world. This is actually a resource podcast and sort of writing journal that provides inspirations, ideas and some tips for writers in this genre.

Tale Chasing podcast also features urban fantasy authors and novelist that share their experiences and insights about writing and story telling. And if you like to know how a novel progresses, this is a good podcast for you because its host, Kimi Alexandre, regularly talks/shares the development in her novel.

Check out the latest episode of Tale Chasing entitled
Bonus – Interview on ElmoCast that featured the interview of Kimi Alexandre and her other new show.

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Slam Idol Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 20, 2008

Slam Idol is a podcast that features poetry performances from people in different countries such as United States, Israel, Germany, Canada, Singapore and Australia. If you love poetry, this is one great podcast that you should not dare to miss because Slam Idol covers a wide range of love, passion, politics and even funny poetry and interesting interviews of poets.

Slam Idol is an engaging podcast because it allows listeners to vote for their favorite featured poetry in each episode.  Likewise, this is a great opportunity for indie poets to showcase their talents and poetry to the world.

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Joystiq Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 20, 2008

Joystiq Podcast offers unbiased insights, reviews and current happening in the world of video games. This is one great podcast for people who care to know the latest news about video games such as Xbox, PS3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, DS and World of WarCraft.

This video game podcast is hosted by Chris Grant, Ludwig Kietzmann and Justin McElroy. Each episode is filled with independent but well-thought and humorous insights that delight both hardcore and casual gamers. They also have some contests with cool prizes too!

So, don’t be left behind, tune-in to the latest episode of Joystiq Podcast to the latest game news discussion in town and enjoy the wackiness of  Chris, Ludwig and Justin.

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The Podnutz Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 12, 2008

Podnutz is a do-it-yourself computer repair podcast where you can learn to fix your own computer system. This is a recommended show for people who do not have the so-called technical background in computer and for those who are tired and sick of calling their PC technician every time something weird happened to their computers.

The show is hosted by Steve Cherubino and each episode of Podnutz is filled with interesting tips and advices about restoring or repairing computer.  This is great show to learn the necessary troubleshooting steps and preventive measures for the common computer problem.  You will understand more about malware, viruses and spywares too!

So join Steve on the latest episode of Podnutz where he is joined by Ken Colburn of They discusses about some facts about the data recovery business;  5 Signs your computer is about to have a meltdown; and how buying a franchise may be a good idea if you are interested in the computer repair field.

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Sex With Devon Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 7, 2008

Sex with Devon is a video podcast that aims to stimulate your sensuality and sexuality. This is a great show for adults, especially men who wants to improve their innate sensuality and became a better lover. Each episode of Sex with Devon features tips and advices about various aspects of human sexuality, climax and human behaviors and natural instinct toward sex.

Check out the latest episode of Sex With Devon Podcast entitled The Default State and how you can use this state to become well-versed in human consciousness and use the same to experience the sexiest feeling and achieve fuller orgasm.

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Brains Matter Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 6, 2008

Brains Matter is a podcast about everything Science. This is one good podcast for the whole family as it covers wide range of science and technology topics, trivia, and even history. Each episode of Brains Matter features Science expert, scientist or well-known professors who share their ideas and knowledge about interesting topics such as galaxy formation, different types of pain, evolution, mathematical genius and mythological references within Star Trek.

Check out the latest episode of Brains Matter that featured Dr Sarah Maddison from the Swinburne University of Technology. Dr. Sarah shared her insights about planetary form in our solar system and other systems around the universe.

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The Parent’s Journal Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 3, 2008

The Parent’s Journal with Bobbi Conner is a weekly podcast about parenting; but unlike other parenting shows, the Parent’s Journal is a holistic show that is designed for mothers, fathers, caregivers and educators.

Each episode of Parent’s Journal tackles timely issues about parenting and childhood. Bobbi Conner, the host of Parent’s Journal talks and interviews parents and various child development experts to discuss the wide range of topics that matter in the development of children.

So if you want to learn and be a better parent who can cope up with the ups and downs of raising children, tune-in to Parent’s Journal as it can surely provide you everything that you need to know from the emotional, psychological to intellectual and physical aspect of childhood development.

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