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ReadWriteTalk Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 24, 2008

Are you curious about the people behind the web? Tune-in to ReadWriteTalk podcast and get in touch to the person behind your favorite blog or to the people behind the highest rated companies or institutions in the World Wide Web.

ReadWriteTalk podcast is a part of the popular ReadWriteWeb blog network and is hosted by Sean Ammirati. Each episode of ReadWriteTalk features CEO, founder, director or popular internet entrepreneur of well-known web giants such as Google, Microsoft, and many others. This is a great show that will let listeners know more about various Internet industries and learn from the experiences of people who made real-life fortune from doing business in the virtual world.

Join Sean on the latest episode of ReadWriteTalk as he interviewed Jared Kopf, the man behind Adroll advertising network and discussed his vision about this company, the service he developed and insights about the online advertising industry.

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