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Mandrake Society Radio Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 27, 2008

Mandrake Society Radio is a podcast created and hosted by JW Richard who is a native from Dallas, Texas. The podcast is generally a GLBT show but unlike other gay/lesbian podcasts, Mandrake has a special focus on a same-gender-loving community and tackles general community life especially within Dallas.

However, it can be listened by most adults regardless of their sexual preferences as Mandrake Society Radio features inspiring stories from real people and talks about latest music, books and videos. So check out the latest episode of Mandrake Society Radio entitled Patience is a Virtue where JW interviewed Wyatt O’ Brian Evans and talked about Evans’ new book, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart”.


2 Responses to “Mandrake Society Radio Podcast”

  1. JW Richard said

    Wow. Thanks!

  2. Tania Hamidi said

    I am looking to surprise an ethnic gay couple with a surprise wedding or proposal. It can’t be you because you’re reading this, but if you want to help me surprise a good friend, contact me thank you!

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