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All You Need Is Cheese Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 4, 2008

If there are people who are simply passionate about wine, there are also great bunch of individuals who are keen about cheese! For people who love cheese, the All You Need is Cheese will surely delight you because in this show, cheese is the magic word!

This podcast is a monthly show that features and interviews cheese lovers and cheese experts. This is relatively new and only delivered once a month but each episode is filled with interesting topics and facts about tasting cheese, cheese varieties and menus/recipes that include cheese as ingredient.

Check out the latest episode of All You Need is Cheese where the host (Ian Jones) featured delightful treats, gifts for cheese lovers and talked about the bold flavors of Canadian blue cheese and Canada’s finest cheddars.

One Response to “All You Need Is Cheese Podcast”

  1. Andres said

    The show already helped me discover some amazing new cheeses (Dragon’s Breath Blue from Nova Scotia is particularly good) and great cheese websites. Each show has it’s own archive page recipes, tourist info, blog links, etc.
    If you love good cheese, you have to check out the All You Need is Cheese Podcast.

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