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Tech Talk for Families

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 9, 2008

Listening to podcast is definitely cool but finding an awesome and child-safe podcast is not really easy as the most popular podcasts are those that cater for mature audiences. But I found one cool, informative and child-friendly podcasts that you can listen to with the entire family: the Tech Talk for Families.

Tech Talk for Families is one podcast that is highly recommended to all ages. It talks about technology, toys and video game stuffs that will interest you and the rest of your family. The show is hosted by married couple Dale and Teresa who have experiences in teaching, writing and education so the choice and usage of words are definitely good for young listeners.

Check out their latest episode and I am sure that you too will love the show. Dale and Teresa featured the classic board game Twists & Turns and talked about WiFi Viruses and FaceBook. They also featured cool tech and console news about laptop batteries, free Xbox games and Wii virtual console.

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