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Jobs in Pods

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 17, 2008

Are you looking for a new job or do you want to shift career? Or just keen about the various job opportunities of other companies?   If yes, check out the Jobs in Pods  because this podcast features job openings from various companies in the United States and Canada.

Searching for a job through Jobs in Pods is more rewarding because you can also learn more about the job details, job descriptions and the companies. Listening to jobcasts is never boring because each jobcast is just around 5to 10 minutes long. Job hunters can also search jobs by company, by job type or by job location.

But what I like most about listening to Jobs in Pods  is that  you can actually know the latest job openings while jogging or walking in a park! So if you want to look for a job and yet you are too busy to browse the web or read a newspaper, check this podcast and who knows? you might finally find your dream job here.

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Random Kindness

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 12, 2008

Random Kindness is one unique podcast because it is about real stories of families or individuals who are in need of helping hands. It is about giving an act of kindness to create difference in the lives of needy people.

Listeners may donate cash, services or goods in any amount. The show host, Larry Genki does not ask for big amount of money because he believes that little amounts will add up to big amounts. And it is not the actual amount of donation that really matters here but the act of kindness through those small gestures.

One good thing about the show is that it also features those families or individuals who have been generously shared their lives, resources or time to others but are now experiencing difficulties in life. And we all know that helping these people are worthy and more meaningful.

Check out the latest episode of Random Kindness that featured the case of a Nurse and an EMT who risked their lives to help others and lose everything in the process.

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Tech Talk for Families

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 9, 2008

Listening to podcast is definitely cool but finding an awesome and child-safe podcast is not really easy as the most popular podcasts are those that cater for mature audiences. But I found one cool, informative and child-friendly podcasts that you can listen to with the entire family: the Tech Talk for Families.

Tech Talk for Families is one podcast that is highly recommended to all ages. It talks about technology, toys and video game stuffs that will interest you and the rest of your family. The show is hosted by married couple Dale and Teresa who have experiences in teaching, writing and education so the choice and usage of words are definitely good for young listeners.

Check out their latest episode and I am sure that you too will love the show. Dale and Teresa featured the classic board game Twists & Turns and talked about WiFi Viruses and FaceBook. They also featured cool tech and console news about laptop batteries, free Xbox games and Wii virtual console.

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SPaMCAST: Software Process and Measurement Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 3, 2008

SPaMCAST  is a bi-monthly podcast that deals and talks about varieties of software on metrics, measurement and process improvement. This is an informative show that will surely interest those who are into product and process quality assurance because each episode of SPaMCAST features educational interview with software engineers or IT engineers.

Topics and software that had been discussed in SPaMCAST includes functional metrics, software measurement and outsourcing the measurement process. Its latest episode entitled Edelson, Coaching, and Specialization featured an interview with Marilyn Edelson wherein they talked about project management, leadership, the similarities, differences and how coaching can make both better.

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From the Edge Of The Circle

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 3, 2008

From the Edge of the Circle  is a podcast that talks about paganism.  The show is hosted by a pagan who wanted to share his insights and musings about paganism. This  show might not be for Christians and other religious people but still, hearing the side of a non-believer is sometimes informative in a sense that we can get to know the other side of our belief.

This podcast tackle a wide range of topics about pagan community, neo-paganism and conservative paganism. You can also get some dose of discussions about rituals and practices of pagans. So whether you are a pagan or just curious about paganism, check out the latest episode of From the Edge of the Circle as Tommy featured a segment on Yule and music from Sound of a Revolution.

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