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Joseph Went South! Love, Sex, and Relationships!

Posted by coolpodcasts on December 17, 2007

This podcast is definitely for males! Joseph Went South! Love, Sex, and Relationships feature tips and insights that will give men ideas on how to be a better lover and a romantic sex partner to their women. The host, Joseph provides informative answers to various sexual and relationship issues that affect men. It also provides dating tips and  strategies on how to interact with different types of women.

If you are looking for ways on how to learn the women sexuality, their psychology, body languages as well as the factors that affects female sex drive, this show is highly recommended. Joseph also offer premium podcast episodes on CDs that covers complete details and strategies that can be used by men to attract the woman they like. Check out the latest episode of Joseph Went South where he talked about eye contact, social ranking perception of women and handling delicate group situations.

2 Responses to “Joseph Went South! Love, Sex, and Relationships!”

  1. rome said

    …so I did not follow neither of your advises – men preferably – and – check the episode – although there cannot be any guide on how to understand womens’ psychology etc etc 🙂

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