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Make Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 26, 2007

Make is a do-it-yourself video podcast that features cool and awesome techie stuffs that you can create right in your home using the common tools, gadgets and materials around your home, garage or workshop. Make podcast is under the Make: Technology on Your Time magazines and will surely feed our creativity.

Make podcast  is particularly eye-catching to men, big kids, and other people who like improvising gadgets and inventing something useful out of ordinary things. You can learn how to make your own T-shirt cannon, thief joule, jam jat jet,  origami, table top biosphere and lot more.

This show can be truly a good source of weekend activity for your family especially if you have growing child around who is interested in making useful projects about science and technology.

Check out the latest episode of Make podcast that featured the first step towards creating your own self-replicating rapid-prototyping robot.

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Nobody’s Listening

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 21, 2007

Nobody’s Listening is a comedy podcast that is created and hosted by James, a real-life pastor for children. The show features funny, touching and sort of inspiring stories of real people. Each episode is graced by a guest host to make the show even more entertaining and fun to listen.

The Nobody’s Listening podcast is also engaging because James loves to feature the wacky and yet worth knowing stories of his listeners which they submitted through voicemail or email. And on the latest episode of Nobody’s Listening, James is joined by Len Peralta from Jawbone Radio who shared his story about fatherhood and gas. Check it out and you will definitely have a good time!

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National Geographic Video Shorts Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 6, 2007

Yes, there is a video podcast version of the ever popular National Geographic Magazine and National Geographic TV! Many of us are fond of watching National Geographic because of its programs that feature amazingly informative news and coverage about extra ordinary science and technology issues.

The National Geographic Video Shorts delivers wide range of interesting topics about the world’s most unusual foods, world’s toughest jobs, mysteries of the Lost Civilizations, extraordinary healing or medical practices and much more. If you love watching it on TV, then, you will definitely get hook on this video podcast.

The latest episode of National Geographic Video Shorts is titled the Mexican Witches that showed the Sonora witches’ market wherein witch doctors peddle their cures and the unusual things that can happen behind the back rooms

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