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The PodCacher Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 14, 2007

Are you fond of geocaching or the adventure that involves searching for hidden things in a particular area? Well, this is the ideal podcast for you because PodCacher is the perfect combination of podcast and geocaching. This show is hosted by Sonny and Sandy, husband and wife team who loves geocaching in and out San Diego.

The podcast features geocaching experiences, stories, musings as well as geocaching news and event. You could also learn helpful hints and tips to make geocaching a more exciting adventure. Listening to PodCacher is fun! In fact, this is a family-friendly podcast that you can listen together with your young ones. PodCacher is also a great show to instill the spirit of adventurism to the entire family.

So join another exciting episode of PodCacher as they featured some interviews from the GeocoinFest event in Southern California and provided some insights and reviews of the PocketPC geocaching software.


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