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Mike Thinks News Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 7, 2007

Mike Thinks News  is a podcast about hearing the news, current events and popular culture on the other side. Major news and broadcast networking are all talking to latest headlines but Mike Thinks News delivers those that are behind and in-between the headlines: the interesting stuffs that are left by news maker but are worth knowing by the public.

In short, Mike Thinks News podcast gives you the real story of a particular news and muse over the unusual and unnoticed norms of our culture. So if you want knowing what is really happening and trueness of particular news, check out Mike Thinks News podcast. The headlines here sometime sound ridiculous, but hey, listen on and you will see that it makes sense.

Hop in to the latest episode of Mike Thinks News podcast entitled Its Quiet, Its Knotted And Its Graded On A Curve. It featured the professor who decided to lowers the grade of his students when he realized that all of them learned what he was teaching; hybrid cars and why Hollywood doesn’t like it when you get your movies cheap.


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