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Firefly Talk Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 2, 2007

Firefly Talk is a podcast about the sci-fi hits Firefly and Serenity. This show is hosted by Eric Olsen and Miranda Thomas who are certified sci-fi lovers. These guys are really cool because they never become tired crawling on interesting information about Firefly and Serenity.

Firefly Talk is just like a community of people who love talking about Firefly and Serenity because each episode is filled with related news, trivia and updates on these sci-fi hits. This show also provides fun contests and promotions for their audiences making the show more exciting and livelier.

So, check out the latest episode of Firefly Talk where Eric and Miranda mused over the time when they watched the pre-screening of the movie Serenity. The episode also tackled the Ron Glass speaking at DragonCon 2007 and some breaking news from QMx Mal’s Pistol Replica.


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