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Alex And Dean: Gay Men Talking

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 16, 2007

Alex and Dean: Gay Men Talking is a podcast hosted by gay couple who share their daily lives as gay husbands and domestic partners. Unlike any other GLBT podcasts, Alex and Dean discussed things and issues in a cool way because of their combined common sense and sense of humor.

Aside from the regular sharing of everyday life events of gays and their whereabouts as gay husbands, listeners will get plenty of information about news and politics especially those that pertain in gay debate and GLBT communities. You will get decent updates on the important issues and nice commentaries about GLBT.

Alex and Dean also reviews movies and films and features few entertainment news and popular culture musings making this podcast good for straight guys and gals. Join he couple to another episode of Alex and Dean: Gay Men Talking podcast where they spent an evening in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City and chatted with one of their listeners.


2 Responses to “Alex And Dean: Gay Men Talking”

  1. Milton Cunningham said

    Love your podcasts

  2. Dan Addison said

    My boyfriend recommended your podcast to me. He loves you and I love him.

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