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Scene Unseen Movie Reviews

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 12, 2007

The Scene Unseen Movie Reviews is an extraordinary podcast about movies because its hosts, Jimmy and Chris tackle the unusual, odd or strange scenes and dialogues in the movies that were left unnoticed by its viewers. What makes this podcast apart form other movie reviews is that one of them (and that is Jimmy) doesn’t see the actual movie!

Jimmy’s insights on the movie rely on his idea about the film history and its marketing while Chris is the one who see the actual movie and so you can imagine how informative, funny and unusual their reviews are. They also review all sorts of movies whether they are high budget or shoestring budget films.

If you love listening to unbiased and free-spirited film reviews, you will surely love the tandem of Jimmy and Chris. They are expert viewers and their passion in scrutinizing each movie is simply awesome. Plus, these two guys have a good sense of humor that makes Scene Unseen Movie Reviews podcast fun to listen.

So check out the latest from Scene Unseen Movie Reviews as  Jimmy and Chris featured Halloween. Find out whether the Halloween remake is an awful trick or a sugary, cinematic treat. Also learn about the movies 12 Monkeys and The Fly.


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  1. Carol said

    thank you, great site 🙂

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