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Extruding America Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 28, 2007

Extruding America is an awesome quirky comedy podcast hosted by Gerard Armbruster and Stetson Tudd. This is a no ordinary comedy show because of the style of the two hosts where they seem to be telling a real serious story with hilarious essence.

The stories and the topics that Gerard and Stetson covered in Extruding America are also unusual and far from the typical day to day setting. Choices of words are great and the personas of the two guys are really awesomely interesting.

So if you are looking for the an extraordinary comedy show that will make you laugh, check out Extruding America. Their latest episode is titled The 87 Club that talked about  Hitler’s Army, Alice’s adventures in wonderland and best Russian short stories.

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Sex Tips Video Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 28, 2007

Sex Tips is a video podcast production by EntercourseTV. This is a nice and informative show where listeners can learn more about improving their sex lives. The show is hosted by sexy Justine Sane who will surely love by men as she talks and shares tips passionately.

This podcast is not actually porn because you will not see anything except the sexy gestures of its host. But the topics covered here will truly inform you on how to do be a better sex partner and how to enjoy sex to the fullest.

Audiences can also send any sex related questions. Some of the topics that have been covered in the Sex Tips are how to give blow job, the right way to go down on a girl, how to know if your girl is faking her orgasm,  how to talk dirty with emotion and some tips on sexual fantasies.

This is a cool sex podcast for both men and women who want to learn more about doing sex the right and fun way. So check out the latest episode of Sex Tips where Justine Sane talked about premature ejaculation and shared her ideas on how men can last longer in bed.

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Law Talk Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 27, 2007

Law Talk is a new podcast with a focus on legal scholarship that will benefit people who are keen to learn in-depth information about law, legal discussions and other scholastic information about law. This is a good resource for those who are studying law and law practitioners as each episode is filled with enriching discussion by law professors.

Law Talk podcast is hosted by Nathan Oman, an assistant professor at the Marshall-Wythe School of Law and is sponsored by a law blog called Concurring Opinions. Peak onto the latest episode of Law Talk together with Professor Al Brophy of the University of Alabama Law School where they discussed about issues of slavery and race in American law.

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Point Of Inquiry Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 23, 2007

The Point of Inquiry is an educational podcast that explores the three main aspects of our lives: religion, human values and the borderlands of science. If you are interested about alternative medicine, pseudoscience, religion and the issues about these topics, then you will surely love the discussions here at Point of Inquiry.

Each episodes of this podcast features a scientist, a social critic or renowned entertainers who share their insights and knowledge about a specific topic making this podcast a very informative show to listen. So if you want a show that will give you an in-depth analysis about alternative medicine, pseudoscience, religion and science in general, check out the Point of Inquiry podcast.

The latest episode of Point Of Inquiry podcast is titled Making Sense of Evolution where they featured Massimo Pigliucci, a well-known critic of creationism and advocate of the public understanding and appreciation of science.  The show focused the methods and the concepts of evolutionary biologists and explores the ideas in the history of evolutionary theories.

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Smart Wrestling Fan Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 16, 2007

The Smart Wrestling Fan podcast is a show that brings fun and updated reviews of various wrestling shows. You will surely love listening to its hosts, Joe and Wiggly because of their intelligent and yet humorous insights on everything about wrestling.

This podcast also features loads of latest and hottest news in the world of wrestling thereby making you always updated and informed. This is one great podcast for both casual and die hard wrestling fans because the hosts see to it that they bring you the ins and outs of the squared circle.

Check out the latest episode of Smart Wrestling Fan  where Joe Negron Hendrix, Rattatatten’ Wiggly, GWB, Jajouka, Stickam and kids bring you the latest buzz and their nice to listen  ProWrestling Review of the week.

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Alex And Dean: Gay Men Talking

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 16, 2007

Alex and Dean: Gay Men Talking is a podcast hosted by gay couple who share their daily lives as gay husbands and domestic partners. Unlike any other GLBT podcasts, Alex and Dean discussed things and issues in a cool way because of their combined common sense and sense of humor.

Aside from the regular sharing of everyday life events of gays and their whereabouts as gay husbands, listeners will get plenty of information about news and politics especially those that pertain in gay debate and GLBT communities. You will get decent updates on the important issues and nice commentaries about GLBT.

Alex and Dean also reviews movies and films and features few entertainment news and popular culture musings making this podcast good for straight guys and gals. Join he couple to another episode of Alex and Dean: Gay Men Talking podcast where they spent an evening in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City and chatted with one of their listeners.

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Fit Life Video Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 15, 2007

If you are craving for practical tips about living a fit and healthy lifestyle, check out the Fit Life by Amy Mac. This is a video podcast that tackles various health and fitness topics from exercise, workouts to food and recipes.

Unlike other fitness exercise, Amy Mac, who is a certified personal trainer also talks about health-related gadgets and stuffs as well as the latest trends and news in fitness. Audience will learn a little bit of everything about keeping fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle through the Fit Life video podcast.

Check out the latest episode of Fit Life entitled Posture Pursuit where Amy with her guest trainer Tom discussed 4 weeks of improving posture. The episode also talked about lightning and electronics, edamame, and soup stock storage.

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Scene Unseen Movie Reviews

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 12, 2007

The Scene Unseen Movie Reviews is an extraordinary podcast about movies because its hosts, Jimmy and Chris tackle the unusual, odd or strange scenes and dialogues in the movies that were left unnoticed by its viewers. What makes this podcast apart form other movie reviews is that one of them (and that is Jimmy) doesn’t see the actual movie!

Jimmy’s insights on the movie rely on his idea about the film history and its marketing while Chris is the one who see the actual movie and so you can imagine how informative, funny and unusual their reviews are. They also review all sorts of movies whether they are high budget or shoestring budget films.

If you love listening to unbiased and free-spirited film reviews, you will surely love the tandem of Jimmy and Chris. They are expert viewers and their passion in scrutinizing each movie is simply awesome. Plus, these two guys have a good sense of humor that makes Scene Unseen Movie Reviews podcast fun to listen.

So check out the latest from Scene Unseen Movie Reviews as  Jimmy and Chris featured Halloween. Find out whether the Halloween remake is an awful trick or a sugary, cinematic treat. Also learn about the movies 12 Monkeys and The Fly.

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A Taste of Sex Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 12, 2007

A Taste of Sex Podcast is a reality talk show that tackles the sex lives of the people who belong in orgasm-based community. This is a unique podcast about sex because the people who are being interviewed here are those who are living together and give orgasm to each other and makes use of sensuality for self-discovery.

I didn’t know that there is a group like this who are trying to discover and study the ways of extending the moment of orgasm and intimacy and I guess A Taste of Sex podcast is more on educational rather than erotic show as it aims to share, teach and help audiences understand the true meaning of sexual pleasure and orgasm.

The podcast will help you understand your sensuality and make use of it to improve yourself. Each topic that is being discussed here is based on the actual experience of real people. And if you want to know how A Taste of Sex can change the way you view your sensuality, listen to its latest episode about the Power Dynamics and Sex where you will know how and why simple physical contact between two people can morph into so many things.

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Inside The Magic

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 11, 2007

Inside the Magic is an audio and video podcast that discuss and talks everything about Disney. It covers news, events, activities and contests that are related to Disneyland.

The show is hosted by Creative Director of the new Orlando Attractions Magazine named Ricky. He is co-hosted by Skipper Ben, a former Walt Disney World Cast Member who worked on many different attractions, including the Jungle Cruise

Each episode of Inside the Magic is filled with exciting news, shows and updates in and out the parks. Audience of this podcast will have the chance to explore and learn more because of the resourcefulness of its hosts.

You will not miss anything when you tune it to this great Disney podcast! So check out the Show 127 that featured Tomorrowland with a fun trip on Space Mountain, some insights about the Mary Poppins musical and many more. All previous episodes of Inside the Magic can be accessed here.

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