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Posted by coolpodcasts on August 18, 2007

Volcanicast is another cool weekly podcast that is designed for people who want to know the latest and hottest talk on the web. Volcanicast brings you the latest and most-searched terms on Google!

And because the basis of each episode of this show is according to the Google Hot Trends website, topics that are discussed here can range from tech, politics and web to celebrities, hoaxes and other phenomenal happenings in the world.  Some have significant importance while others don’t have. But the bottom line is you will be abreast on what’s on the web.

This is a recommended show for mature people who are always curious, inquiring and flexible in hearing news from religion to celebrity sex scandals. So if you are ready, check out the latest episode of Volcanicast where the hosts discussed the most-searched term on Google that happened to be about unbreakable skateboarders, earthquakes in LA, fat people walking and Anne Hathaway’s nipples.

2 Responses to “Volcanicast”

  1. Wesley said

    Hey! I just saw a hit from here on my stats. Thanks for the nice writeup! We’ll mention you on our next show and link back to you in those show notes.

    Again, thanks!

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