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Tech Tips Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 15, 2007

Tech Tips Podcasts is one good show for non-techie students, educators and people who are just learning the amazing world of technology and computers. This podcast explains technical terms or issues that many of us often heard but do not know what they really mean and what it is for.

Some nice examples of the topics they have covered are understanding the difference of USB from USB2; how can you show a DVD on your laptop through the projector; converting audio tapes to CD; finding missing files; printing and converting PDF; online file storage; setting up a web server; and understanding Live CDs.

Each episode guarantees new learning or at least new ideas that you can use in your daily computing activities. So check out the latest episode of Tech Tips Podcast where IT Guy featured and share something about Teaching Animation.


One Response to “Tech Tips Podcast”

  1. irum said

    hello… i m student of M.A Education. i want to do my thesis on educational podcast. if any one can get suggestions ,,plz reply me,,

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