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In Over Your Head Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 11, 2007

In Over your Head Podcast is basically a hip hop music podcast hosted by Julien Smith. The show features pretty good selection of cool music that will surely liven up your day. But this podcast is more than just playing music because its host is actually cool too!

Julien speaks explicitly most of the time but oh well, he just tell what’s in his mind and what he’s saying really makes sense.  In Over your head podcast simply reflects the up and downs of our society and if you want an honest to goodness commentary, tune here because you will here a lot!

Check out the latest episode of In Over your Head where  he played another round of awesome music and talked about tattoos and why New York and Toronto are piece of shit cities.

One Response to “In Over Your Head Podcast”

  1. Julien,
    Great podcast. Psst…all your listeners arent 40 something white guys….LOL or atheist. That’s what’s great about America and all its illusions sold with money, guns, bibles and women. Keep it bouncin’

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