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Posted by coolpodcasts on July 7, 2007

PediaCast is a podcast show created by Dr. Mike, a board-certified pediatrician and Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics who is caring and generous enough to host a show for the benefits of parents who have some unanswered questions in their mind about the health of their children.

This is the show that answers and discusses the health-related questions from parents with all the important elaboration or explanation that is usually missed when the parents asked their very busy doctor.  PediaCast is one great show for parents whether they have newborn, a school kid or teenagers.

You can be sure that all the topics that are being discussed are answered appropriately and based on scientific studies.  Although the show is not intended to replace the value of regular check-up with doctors or prescribe medicines, the show will definitely help parents better understand the whys and hows of a particular health issue. The show is truly filled with valuable advices and practical information about caring for your children’s health.

So check out the latest episode of PediaCast where Dr,Mike talked about what parents should know about over-the-counter medication and roller shoes. He also gave some advices about the use of pacifiers and teaching in the digital age


One Response to “PediaCast”

  1. Karen said

    Thanks for the kudos for Dr. Mike!
    As his “better half” I know that he loves what he does! And it’s the parents and great feedback like this that makes it worthwhile!
    btw, love the blog and as a podcast addict, I’m sure I’ll find some new ‘casts to listen to!

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