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The Notes In Spanish Podcasts

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 29, 2007

Trying to learn Spanish language? Check out the Notes in Spanish, this is a podcast that will teach you authentic Spanish language by bringing real conversations in Spanish. Unlike traditional Spanish language tutorials, Notes in Spanish podcasts talk about real-life topics that can surely entice your attention.

You will not be bored as you are also learning the Spanish culture or norm of life at the same time. Aside from this, this podcasts are divided into three categories: Inspired Beginners; Intermediate; and Advanced allowing you to engage in a conversation that fits your speaking level.

The show is hosted by Marina, a native from Madrid and Ben, an Englishman who came and learned Spanish from scratch. Ben and Marina will definitely help you learn Spanish in a fun and informative way. Notes in Spanish podcasts are basically free but for those who want to get more; they have downloadable worksheets for sale  that accompany their podcast episodes.

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Girl Meets Girl Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 23, 2007

The Girl Meets Girl is a podcast hosted by Siena and Toast, girl couple who are both musician and enjoying living their life to the fullest. Being Hawaiians by nature, they frequently discuss the beauty of Hawaii; the wonderful things that you can do there; and combining it with their lifestyle and current experiences in California.

Aside from music and Hawaii, the podcast also discusses the dynamics of lesbian and gay relationship, the Asian-American ways of life, nature, pets, cats, dogs, spirituality and being happy. If you want sensible and clean conversations about being gay or lesbian as well as promos every episode, I think this will be a great podcast for you.

Check the latest episode of Girl Meets Girl where they talked about Homosexuality and the Bible and tackled some interesting information about homosexuality.

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The Scotchcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 23, 2007

The Scotchcast is a podcast that talks and discusses about scotch: the differences between Highland, Lowland, Speyside, and Islay. It explores the different characteristics of scotch and tells you how to taste them appropriately.

This podcast is hosted by three scotch aficionados: Jeff, Chip, & Michael. They are no experts but they were truly passionate in exploring the difference and likelihood of scotch around the world. The humor and their aggressiveness in tasting scotch here and there make this podcast a good show for men. And yes, even for women who like to better understand their men!

Join Jeff, Chip and Michael on their scotch adventure into the Lowlands where they closely look at the Glenkinchie 10 year and the Auchentoshan Three Wood plus another installment of Scotch 101.

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Wreckless Media Radio

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 20, 2007

Wreckless Media Radio is tagged to be a highly addictive podcast because of the wackiness and craziness of its hosts: Brian Berris, Evil Greg, and Bryan Corpolongo. The trio brings informative and yet extremely humorous insights about the latest and strange tech and pop culture news.

This podcast released a new episode each week and can be also heard live via every Thursday at 7 pm EST. Catch the wacky gents on their Episode 74 where they are joined by Darci and break news about Wal-Mart’s Jesus action figures, two Transformers sequels, Crazy Naked Satan Woman and many more.

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Let’s Knit2gether

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 20, 2007

Let’s Knit2gether is a video podcast about knitting. This is a great podcast for students, women, moms or any people who want to learn knitting and get creative and practical approach about knitting. Whether you are just learning this skill or are already knitting for years, this video podcast is simply one good companion to improve and be updated in the wonderful world of knitting.

The podcast does not only shows various designs and knitting ideas as it also features various events and festivals pertaining to yarn, wool and knitting. You will also learn great tips and secrets on how Cat creates cool and fashionable knitted clothing and accessories.

So check Let’s Knit2gether on its latest episode where they discussed the second part of their field trip to the 2007 Maryland Sheep and wool festival and featured Sheep to Shawl Contest, Spinning from a rabbit a sock knitting machine, an interview with Jessica Marshall Forbes from Ravelry and many more.

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Tech Tips Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 15, 2007

Tech Tips Podcasts is one good show for non-techie students, educators and people who are just learning the amazing world of technology and computers. This podcast explains technical terms or issues that many of us often heard but do not know what they really mean and what it is for.

Some nice examples of the topics they have covered are understanding the difference of USB from USB2; how can you show a DVD on your laptop through the projector; converting audio tapes to CD; finding missing files; printing and converting PDF; online file storage; setting up a web server; and understanding Live CDs.

Each episode guarantees new learning or at least new ideas that you can use in your daily computing activities. So check out the latest episode of Tech Tips Podcast where IT Guy featured and share something about Teaching Animation.

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The More Done Less Time Show

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 14, 2007

The More Done Less Time Show is a great audio podcast for people with entrepreneurial spirit and for those individual who want to bring the best out of themselves. This podcast is focused in helping people to make good decisions and formulate strategies.

The show is hosted by Donna Lendzyk, a Certified Corporate Coach with more than a decade of business experience in such areas like customer loyalty strategy, strategic planning, marketing strategy and financial analysis.

Topics that she already featured in The More Done Less Time Show include assessing the business opportunities that come your way; one thing that holds back entrepreneurs from attaining success; how to stay focused and avoid being sidetracked; and overcoming procrastination.

And for those of you who want to improve their skill in decision making, check out the latest episode of The More Done Less Time Show where Lendzyk shared how to breakthrough indecision and make better decisions more quickly and easily. This episode also tackled why it is important to make good and timely decisions.

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Ecogeeks: Science Video Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 14, 2007

The Ecogeeks: Science Video Podcast is an educational show suited for everybody who loves science exploration. If you love Discovery or Animal Planet, then you will be hooked in this video podcast too. The plus point of this show is that they explained various science topics in such a way that even children will love.

The podcast makes science learning a fun and exciting. Most of their episodes come with lesson plan as well as informational web pages making The Ecogeeks: Science Video Podcast a great tool for educators. So join the group on their latest episode where they explore for something different in the ocean and talked to the marine biologist in Sweden.

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In Over Your Head Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on July 11, 2007

In Over your Head Podcast is basically a hip hop music podcast hosted by Julien Smith. The show features pretty good selection of cool music that will surely liven up your day. But this podcast is more than just playing music because its host is actually cool too!

Julien speaks explicitly most of the time but oh well, he just tell what’s in his mind and what he’s saying really makes sense.  In Over your head podcast simply reflects the up and downs of our society and if you want an honest to goodness commentary, tune here because you will here a lot!

Check out the latest episode of In Over your Head where  he played another round of awesome music and talked about tattoos and why New York and Toronto are piece of shit cities.

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Posted by coolpodcasts on July 7, 2007

PediaCast is a podcast show created by Dr. Mike, a board-certified pediatrician and Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics who is caring and generous enough to host a show for the benefits of parents who have some unanswered questions in their mind about the health of their children.

This is the show that answers and discusses the health-related questions from parents with all the important elaboration or explanation that is usually missed when the parents asked their very busy doctor.  PediaCast is one great show for parents whether they have newborn, a school kid or teenagers.

You can be sure that all the topics that are being discussed are answered appropriately and based on scientific studies.  Although the show is not intended to replace the value of regular check-up with doctors or prescribe medicines, the show will definitely help parents better understand the whys and hows of a particular health issue. The show is truly filled with valuable advices and practical information about caring for your children’s health.

So check out the latest episode of PediaCast where Dr,Mike talked about what parents should know about over-the-counter medication and roller shoes. He also gave some advices about the use of pacifiers and teaching in the digital age

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