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Apple Phone Show

Posted by coolpodcasts on June 19, 2007

Excited about iPhone? Hook on to the new podcast that talk about anything and everything concerning iPhone, the Apple Phone Show. This show is hosted by the famous Scott Bourne together with the show’s permanent special guest Christopher Breen, iPod guru and the author of Macworld’s wildly popular Mac 911 troubleshooting column.

They give updates, tips, and trivias about iPhone. If you want to know the latest iPhone issue and news, then subscribe to this podcast where you will surely learn more about iPhone. You could ask questions, comments and hear advices from the two tech guys.

Episode 5 of the Apple Phone Show talked something regarding the data and voice plan pricing of iPhone. Scott and Chris together with Andy Ihnatko also discussed interesting issues on iPhone such as the third-party apps and how people would be able to create web apps to hook into the various system functions of the iPhone; the June 29 release of iPhone and whether is it true that iPhone will be released at 6pm; and a lot more.

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