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TeXtra Video Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on June 17, 2007

If you love technology news and Internet-related topics, I guess you will like watching TeXtra. This is a thrice a week video podcast that feature technology, trivias, pop culture, digital lifestyle and all the latest trend in the Internet.

TeXtra is a combination of info, analysis and humor and so, entertainment in guaranteed when you watch this show. This video podcast is hosted by Natali Del Conte who is pretty awesome and undisputedly brilliant in what and why of technology news that goes beyond the Silicon Valley.

Catch Natalie on her Episode 40 entitled How private is the Internet where she discussed online privacy, revealed that iPhone will not work without an iTunes account and talked about Yahoo Photos as it begins closing shop, shop, Google and the European Union come to terms over user data, and AT&T joins forces with movie studios to catch movie pirates.

One Response to “TeXtra Video Podcast”

  1. Amir Fendi said

    good to have such a podcast

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