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Mysterious Universe Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 31, 2007

Mysterious Universe is a weekly podcast that deals with the not so usual events and sometimes hard to believe existence. This podcast discusses topics in paranormal, future science and some history from the ancient period and of course, Mysterious Universe talks about UFO, alien and non-terrestrial mysteries.

Mysterious Universe is one good podcast for people who are simply fascinated with unexplained sightings, occurrence and mysteries. This is a great podcast to hear the latest news and discoveries from beyond the mainstream. The show is created by Benjamin Grundy who is an avid researcher of paranormal and hard to explain things. He hosts the show with a group of people who are all fascinated and thrilled in science mystery.

Mysterious Universe is basically a free podcast but they also have a premium membership that provides more frequent updates and explorations about the Mysterious Universe. Check out the Episode 65 of Mysterious Universe that featured caves on Mars, a paranoid American, Chinese tombs and starseeds!


One Response to “Mysterious Universe Podcast”

  1. This is a great podcast. Extremely high production value, very interesting topic, and a host that knows how to host a show.

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