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Jersey Toddshow

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 27, 2007

Jersey Toddshow is podcast created and hosted by a lawyer who is passionate in sharing his life and the things he likes. Unlike other podcasting lawyers, Jersey perfectly combines legal issues and entertainment where listeners learn and enjoy at the same time. This is a great show for people who like intelligent but wacky conversation.

Jersey Toddshow is not just an ordinary talk show because he also features a round of 5 to 6 cool PodSafe songs to bring more entertainment pleasure to all. So what more can you ask? Hop in and be happy with the company of this one-of-a-kind cool wacky lawyer.

The latest episode of Jersey Toddshow is titled Rocky on ‘Roids where Jersey talked about the controversial Stallone’s recent steroids (human growth hormone) issue. Episode 88 also featured music from PRYDE, Jeff Mallon,  John Anno, The Winter Sounds, Patricia Paay and  Caren Kennedy.


4 Responses to “Jersey Toddshow”

  1. Thank you for the kind words. Really unexpected, and made my day.

  2. Oli said

    Hey folks!

    Check the JTS out! Fantastic podcast! Love it!

    All the best from germany, Oli

    (Hey JT stop smiling! 😉 )

  3. So true, the Jersey Todd Show is a standout and excellent podcast. I’ve been on it before and be on it again and it’s all my pleasure.

  4. Jack said

    Jersey Todd.
    Rock and Roll success story.
    And genuine nice guy.
    Not bad for a lawyer

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