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Ed’s Mixed Bag

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 27, 2007

Ed’s Mixed Bag  is radio podcast that plays a nice round of best PodSafe music.  This is a good show for people who like exploring new music as Ed features wide range of songs produced by talented indie artists.

Ed’s Mixed Bag also features interview from singers or musicians. Ed is also active giving updates on   various promo and concerts. Plus, listeners will definitely enjoy the cool commentaries of the host which he expressed during the show.

Listen and enjoy the Show 85 of Ed’s Mixed Bag where he interviewed The Mothman, Zack Daggy and play the music of UFO Phil, Howard Jones , Eli Paperboy Reed and The True Loves and many more.

2 Responses to “Ed’s Mixed Bag”

  1. Ed Ovett said

    A Slight Correction:
    On Show #85 I don’t interview The Mothman, Zack Daggy! Conversely, he interviews me on The Shameless Plugcast. My shownotes for episode #85 contains a link to the interview also. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Ed Ovett said

    An Amendment:
    The Mothman’s secret identity will be revealed on an interview I did do with Zack Daggy recently. Catch it on Ed’s Mixed Bag, episode #88 beginning June 16th, 2007 and beyond!!!

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