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American Cliche Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on May 16, 2007

The American Cliché  is live podcast show that talks anything and everything about politics, technology, music, celebrity and bizarre happenings. This is the show that is packed with unusual but informative news stories that will make you suddenly burst in laugh as you hear the wacky and sarcastic insights of its host, Scott.

American Cliché may not be child-safe but this is one good show that you can listen wherever you are and whatever your mood. If you appreciate people with good sense of humor, then you will be hooked hearing the host of American Cliché.  So catch the latest episode of American Cliché as Scott talked about his new MacBook Pro, One Man’s Opinion, the Burger King customer that is charged $8648.64 for a meal  and a lot more of hard-to-believe news stories.


One Response to “American Cliche Podcast”

  1. Scott said

    Thank you for the review. I appreciate it!


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