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Marketing Matters With M7 Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 26, 2007

Marketing Matters with M7 podcast is a monthly comprehensive show about business, sales and marketing. This is a highly recommended show for those people who want to leverage their marketing knowledge and keep abreast to latest in marketing. Every episode is fully loaded with sales and marketing tips, techniques and interview of well known marketing professionals.

This podcast is hosted by Lisa Orrell, a marketing guru who is also the president of M7 Design. She has an extensive professional knowledge about marketing with her 18 years experience as marketing and branding expert in Silicon Valley. And no wonder why each episode of Marketing Matters with M7 is highly anticipated by both students and marketing professionals all over the world.

Start leveraging your marketing skills as you listen to the most recent episode of Marketing Matters with M7 as Lisa interviewed Lee Raney, the president of Pivot Point Strategies and discussed how you can increase your revenue by aligning your sales and marketing teams.

2 Responses to “Marketing Matters With M7 Podcast”

  1. […] Orrell, a makerting guru, an entreprenuer and the famous host of Marketing Matters with M7 podcast launched a new podcast called Chickonomics Chat.  This new podcast is specifically created to […]

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