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Gamespeek Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 23, 2007

Are you video game buff?  Whether you have an Xbox or a PlayStation or a Nintendo, I bet you will get hooked listening to Gamespeek Podcast because this show talks all about video games and console gaming. You will definitely have fun hanging around with the hosts of Gamespeek as Lauren, Aaron and Chris are video gamers by heart, speaking the same lingo you love!

Gamespeek Podcast is a weekly show that features the latest gaming news and trends. The show also has reviews, previews of various video games. And you will not be left behind because they even broadcast release dates and events that a gamer like you should not miss. Hop in to the latest episode of Gamespeek where they gave a review on Puzzle Quest and announced their new contest.


One Response to “Gamespeek Podcast”

  1. Aaron said

    Thanks for the feature!!!!!!

    We really appreciate it. This looks like an awesome place to find some unique podcasts and we are honored to be recognized!

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