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Much To Do About Nothing Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 18, 2007

The Much To Do About Nothing  is a podcast show that features great Podsafe music and some juicy facts, adventures and journeys of the show’s host, Dan.  If you love listening to music, then you might like this show because Much To Do About Nothing plays not just one but several hand picked music from independent artist and musicians.

The show also introduced a new segment in this podcast called DD’s Ramblings. This is where Dan will feature stories, sight seeing and interviews whenever he goes out and travels.  And true to his word, the latest episode of Much To Do About Nothing  is the premier episode of his new segment where he had brief interview with Joe Hatzinger, a piano player from Rome New York.


One Response to “Much To Do About Nothing Podcast”

  1. Dwight said

    hanks for the review, but I have to coorect you on one thin, the hosts name is not Dan, its Dwight. Thanks for the great review!

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