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Coaching The Life Coach Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 15, 2007

Coaching the Life Coach Podcast is a new show that will expand your transformational practice as this is the podcast that aims to improve your skills. If you want to be successful in your ventures, listening to this podcast will truly help you. This podcast is hosted by Jason D. McClain and every week he will feature successful coaches that will share their approaches, strategies, selling proposition and marketing tools.

Coaching the Life Coach Podcast will surely give you the knowledge how these people manage their businesses and make them on top. You will also learn valuable hands-on advice about website design and management, search engine marketing, search engine optimization SEO, email marketing, database management, pricing and service options from various coaches and business owners.

Jason featured Jerry Candelaria on his latest episode of Coaching the Life Coach Podcast. Jerry is the co-founder of the Arete Center for Excellence and Relationship Expert and Jason interviewed him on the importance of intimacy as well as the benefits of living an authentic life.

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