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MacCast Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 14, 2007

The MacCast is one of the pioneer podcast shows that are devoted in Mac community. The show is hosted by Adam Christianson, a Mac geek that personally delivers the trends and news that matter most to the Mac users.

MacCast podcast features not only news but also numerous Mac reviews, tech helps and tips about Mac. The podcast also feature the listeners’ questions which Adam Christianson answers thoroughly. So if you have Mac or a Macitosh buff, this is one great and reliable podcast that you should not miss.

Catch Adam on the latest episode of MacCast where he featured his experience with AppleTV and review of File Salvage. This latest episode also provide some thoughts on recycling old computer, locking Mac to one wi-fi access point and using times zone support in iCal.

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  1. […] The MacCast is one of the pioneers and longest running podcast shows for the Mac community that is hosted by Adam Christianson. They will now join the podcast network together with other popular podcasts like Evil Genius […]

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