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Variant Frequencies Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on April 11, 2007

Variant Frequencies  is a monthly podcast that deliver fiction stories for your listening pleasure. If you love listening to stories that are blended with dark fantasy, space adventure or gothic horror, you will definitely get hooked in Variant Frequencies.

Listening to their podcasted stories are great because of the professional production quality of their show that is matched with their amazing voice talents and creative music scores. You will be amazed on how they transformed each story into a more vivid and realistic narrated audio chronicle.

Some of the stories they covered are No World for Warriors” by Matt Wallace, “See” by Swedish sci-fi writer A.R. Yngve, and “Life Sentence” by Anne Stringer. And for the month of April, the Variant Frequencies story is “Sacrifice” by Jason McDowell.  The Sacrifice is about Father Michael Brannigan whom since childhood has been a medium, a powerful seer of spirits.

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