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The Rules Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 21, 2007

Face it; we are sometimes caught in a situation where we do not know what to say and how to react. But did you know that there is a podcast that will show and give us tips on negotiating about various social situations? Yes and its called The Rules where the hosts discuss sort of things or instances that we usually encounter in our daily lives.

The show will not teach you to be prim and proper but it will give you some sensible ideas on what to do when you are caught in an incident that you are not expecting. It’s really nice to hear their opinion about various circumstances like using the mobile phone in public places, taking an expensive wine to a party, speaking in acronyms, reserving seats in fast food, tipping and many more.

And of course, they have lots of other conversations that are simply fun and combined with cool Podsafe music. Check them out on their latest episode titled as Don’t Tell me your Dreams.

One Response to “The Rules Podcast”

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words, we really appreciate the great reviews we’ve had and the support of our listeners 🙂

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