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Speaking of Sex Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 21, 2007

This podcast will unveil you to the interesting world of sex and sexuality as the hosts Nathan and Malaika provide juicy and factual sex related topics. Listening at Speaking of Sex Podcast will surely help you to enjoy sex more and become a better sex partner not because you will be aroused in this podcast but because of the sex realities that you will learn in every episode.

Speaking of Sex Podcast is of course very exciting to listen because the hosts not only discuss a topic as it is, they likewise conduct actual interviews, visits and really go out their ways to educate you and bring you the truth of sex stuffs and trends.

Want to try them out? Just hook up on their latest episode titled as Understanding the Penis where the hosts talked about male sexual anatomy. This is one of their great episodes to listen as the couple gives good penis health tips and takes a field trip to a local piercing parlor to find how some men adorn their penises and testicles.


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