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BarNuts Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 17, 2007

If you are looking for a real talk show to hang out with, check out BarNuts Podcast, a new show where you can regularly hear not just two but three or four guys conversing about cool and interesting stuffs over some dose of beer at the “bar”.

Hosts or regulars of the show are Scott, Nobilis, John and Jason, a group of men or should I say show masters/podcasters because these guys have their own respective shows.

The BarNuts podcast also feature great music during the show so you will really feel that you are hanging out in the bar with a group of friends. Casual, natural and fun are my three words for this show. Great companion for men out there! Check the group at their Episode 6: All Natural and 2x the Funny.


2 Responses to “BarNuts Podcast”

  1. […] BarNuts Podcast […]

  2. Nobilis said

    Thanks for the link! We’re all very glad you like the show.

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