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Tucker Tales Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 15, 2007

Tucker Tales podcast is a home made talk show hosted by Jason and Jennifer Tucker where they discuss and share things about their family, their work, married life and interesting stuffs that happen around them.

The couple also featured some sort of techie stuffs, food, drinks and gadgets that they discovered or tried themselves. They also talked about weird brief news that is quite entertaining to know. Hanging out and listening with the cool and funny Jason and Jen is a good idea to unwind and have some fun. Join them on their latest episode titled Long Winded Jason where they talked about lot of things such as the Podcast Peer Awards, softball and John Edwards.

And oh, if you like Jason here at Tucker Tales, I bet you will also appreciate BarNuts, another new podcast where you can catch more fun as this is a show hosted by group of friends: Scott, John, Nobilis and Jason. Check ’em out!

2 Responses to “Tucker Tales Podcast”

  1. Thank you for reviewing our podcast I’ll be sure to mention coolpodcasts on our next episode.

    TuckerTales Podcast
    BarNuts Podcast

  2. Scott Stys said

    The above link takes you to the Barnuts podcast which is an affiliate of Tucker Tales. Tucker Tales is a great podcast, but very different from Barnuts. You can find Tucker Tales at and The Barnuts can be found at

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